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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5 Reveal breaks nearly all social media records (Twitch, Youtube streaming, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter)

Social media has become a massive indicator of real world engagement and sales, so much so that nearly every major company runs exclusive social media advertising campaigns. I believe Facebooks biggest revenue source is companies using it as an advertising platform.

Youtube stream with largest concurrent viewers:

When I watched I saw 2M on the ENG stream watching live on youtube. Correct me if I am wrong but I've never seen such numbers on youtube streams. 4.5M concurrent across all streams.

Twitch event with largest concurrent viewers:

Largest single stream concurrent viewership on Twitch was previously held by League of Legends tournament with 1.09M. When I checked mid stream, PS channel on Twitch had 1M.

Again from the image above, 2.7M concurrent across all streams.

Most liked announcement tweet in gaming:

Most liked gaming post instagram:

Hardware reveal youtube views:

SW: 43 million

PS4: 38 million

PS5: 24 million

XSX: 12 million

XB1: 7.5 million

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So it will sell 7 million consoles before the cliff?

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I mean its good and all, however Sony did strangle the audience by keeping them waiting for so long too.

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PS5 selling at least 2m consoles confirmed!

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Bonzinga said:
I mean its good and all, however Sony did strangle the audience by keeping them waiting for so long too.

Well but it did end well lol. Probably they already had their plan to show on  April  before, but covid 19 changed everything. 

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Well ya, they are the market leader. I watched it myself too. On top of covid and largely being silent for the year.

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Isn't this normal, though? The more gaming grows and the more social media grows, announcements like that will become bigger and bigger.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I'd imagine this is more an indication of how well liked their current device is rather than Ps5. If PS4 tanked then 5 wouldn't get this much attention, but because it had amazing sales everyone was interested in what was coming next. I'd more so be interested in seeing what percentage of those viewers was pleased with what they saw, as I've seen a lot of people commenting on how few original games it will have at launch as well as the design of the console (I've also seen a lot that like the design). Just curious!

Some of the best selling movies, for example, are very unpopular but sold so many tickets because the previous one was so good.

I've known of rumored cases where the stream cured some people's cancer.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: