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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5 Reveal breaks nearly all social media records (Twitch, Youtube streaming, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter)

Wow, how did that indie showcase get so many views?

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peachbuggy said:
src said:

The most viewed livestream of all time is a Playstation showcase. Showcases are the big conference type presentations while SoP are variable. A 20 min SoP with no first party content was never going to be a big showcase. They're also still relatively new.

Sept 2021 | Sept Event | Reveal Event

Youtube (concurrent viewers): 0.57M | 1.2M | 2M
Twitch (PS channel) : 160k | 377k | 1.01M
Twitch (all channels) : 1.3M | 2.14M | 3.05M
Twitter (PS account) : 57k| 323k | 434k (<1 day)

Twitch (XB channel) : 210k
Twitch (all channels) :(hard to figure out since multiple conferences on the same day)
Twitter (XB account) : 26.6k
Twitch (Nin channel) : 181k
Twitch (all channels) : 1.3M
Twitter (NoA account) : 100k

Nintendo Direct 23/09
Twitter: 120k
Youtube: 720k
Twitch: 306k | 640k (all channels)

Recent SoP:
Twitter: 27k
Youtube PS channel: 200k peak
Twitch: 55k | 450k peak (all channels) 

You mean this Nintendo direct, that clearly states it had 5.1m viewers?

My numbers are all streaming numbers not VOD.

src said:
peachbuggy said: 

You mean this Nintendo direct, that clearly states it had 5.1m viewers?

My numbers are all streaming numbers not VOD.

Fake news as always

src said:
fauzman said:
I am especially interested in the youtube viewing stats you put up for the PS4/5 & One X/series X. You can see that there was a huge difference in the views for the PS4 compared with One X. For the PS5 and series X, the PS5 is still leading in views but the gap is a gair bit closer. Thus reinforces the impression (IMO) that while the PS5 will will this gen, the series X will be considerably more competitive than last gen.

Thats just the views for the reveal video. Bear in mind, these videos can be run as ads, and so can be misleading. Its easy to spot an ad by the likes to views ratio over time.

If you look at the entire social media view, PS5's metrics are around 4x greater than XSX, and considering these social media sites lean heavily to American populations (to a lesser extent European), this does not bode well for XSX.

The gap is bigger. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.