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Social media has become a massive indicator of real world engagement and sales, so much so that nearly every major company runs exclusive social media advertising campaigns. I believe Facebooks biggest revenue source is companies using it as an advertising platform.

Youtube stream with largest concurrent viewers:

When I watched I saw 2M on the ENG stream watching live on youtube. Correct me if I am wrong but I've never seen such numbers on youtube streams. 4.5M concurrent across all streams.

Twitch event with largest concurrent viewers:

Largest single stream concurrent viewership on Twitch was previously held by League of Legends tournament with 1.09M. When I checked mid stream, PS channel on Twitch had 1M.

Again from the image above, 2.7M concurrent across all streams.

Most liked announcement tweet in gaming:

Most liked gaming post instagram:

Hardware reveal youtube views:

SW: 43 million

PS4: 38 million

PS5: 24 million

XSX: 12 million

XB1: 7.5 million