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Forums - Sales Discussion - How much will Switch Sales be affected once Xbox SX &PS5 Release?


How much will Switch sales be affected?

No affect, might even rise 35 38.89%
Might get slightly lower but still sell well 37 41.11%
Noticeably lower 10 11.11%
Switch Is Doomed 8 8.89%

I just don't see PS5 or XSX affecting Switch at all.... The only ones who can get in the way of it continuing to sell well are Nintendo themselves... They need to keep great software coming. I don't know what their plan is, but I think they should be making some announcements soon or they are going to hurt themselves in the long run.


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A bit.

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These new systems will help keep Switch selling high, and might even boost it a bit.  Most people buying consoles 1) do not follow gaming news like we do and 2) are extremely visual.  Once they see 2 big expensive consoles with few games next to 1 much cheaper system with a ton of games, they are going to buy Switch as the natural choice.

Anyone who thinks these systems are not competing is in for a rude awakening.

I think there will be a minimal effect but could see no effect at all, cause there will be shortages at launch and like people have said they have somewhat different niches and the Switch being many peoples complementary console.

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Should be fairly negligible.

As long as Mario, Zelda and Metroid are not available on any other platform, I think Nintendo should not be worried about other consoles

Switch sales will be noticeably lower next year. But that has little to do with the launch of the ps5/xsx.

Much less affected than by the existence of PS4 + XBO, which are much closer from a price point and a performance point.

Switch is basicly a portable, and a very good one from Nintendo, not even competing in the same Market of Next Gen very powerful Home Consoles like Sony and Microsoft.
It's a market apart. Sony Nintendo and Microsoft will coexist without any problem, though we will have battle between XSX and PS5, and this is gonna be exciting, oh yeah :D

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