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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you like the PS5 console design?


Do you like the PS5 console design?

Yes 132 55.23%
No 80 33.47%
On the fence 27 11.30%

Looks too wide and it will look like it's broken furniture as it won't sit flat when u do it horizontally. It look like it will wobbly when doing that

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finalrpgfantasy said:
I like it. It has a unique design. Better than XSX, tbh.

Both technically have a tower like shape. U can get towers with that kind of shape

I was almost decided on xbox series X, now I might just continue with playstation.

But I'm a bit worried with fan noise, the console seems smaller than I hoped for, for cooling reasons.

As I love my consoles on vertical, it might just be the most beautiful console ever.

But for the price, I'll likely just build a gaming PC instead in January. I predict it will cost 600 dollars with disc drive, and 500 without disc drive.

And I definitely wont do digital, because next gen games will take over 100GB each, and the ps5 will have around 720gb free.

Yes, very much so. I don't think I've ever found a console design ugly, although some gen 1 and 2 systems don't look good to me any more.

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I got it early!

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I do, but since I liked even the dev version I may not be trustworthy on PS5 design

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I personally like it.

I like it. Looks classy, high tech, and unique.

Best looking PS console since the OG PS3.

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It looks like it was overdone. Like the white parts coming out looks weird. And I dont think it will fit in most living rooms.

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