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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you like the PS5 console design?


Do you like the PS5 console design?

Yes 132 55.23%
No 80 33.47%
On the fence 27 11.30%
Soundwave said:

Whats it that? A fan? 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

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Farsala said:
Yep, it is very sleek. Should save on energy and be very portable.



It looks like an amateur fan concept. I feel like people are lying to themselves.

These are your choices when it comes to 9th gen stationary console designs: a fridge or a robot's vagina.

Seriously though, I'm indifferent towards it.

I love it!! Glad it isn't just a plain rectangular box

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For me, PS5 and Xbox Series X both look better than their very bland and boring looking predecessors.
The best looking consoles to me have their own personality rather than just being a generic box.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Looks like something that would feel out of place in any living room.
I like the ps4 / Xbox One X / Series X designs way better.

Yes, yes I do... I find it visually pleasing and can't wait to see it under my tele! Just hope it isn't louder than my PS4 Pro though lol

I dont dislike it, I guess I dont care much for it, console design its never a hot topic for me. Reminds me of an old modem I had.
The color theme tho, I'd rather it was all a single color, be it white or black.

It looks good for now, but I'm not 100 % positive about the looks. I suspect I'll get tired of it at some point if I actually get the console before a slim model is released, but again, it's pretty good for now. What I'm more interested in right now is a better colour though, because there's not much chance I'm getting once unless I can get the controller in a better colour because it's absolutely hideous. I hate that controller, and have hated ever since I first saw it.