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Forums - Sony Discussion - Grade the PS5 Conference


What's your score?

10 28 12.56%
9 56 25.11%
8 52 23.32%
7 30 13.45%
6 24 10.76%
5 16 7.17%
4 6 2.69%
3 6 2.69%
2 1 0.45%
1 4 1.79%

Rewatch the trailers in 4K. Things look so good!

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Not bad but nothing current gen can't do. Nothing surprising other than RE VIII which most likely will release on Xbox Series X as well... But not bad at all.

ONLY thing i missed was silent hill and ff16.

Best looking console ever made the discless version is superb looking.

Horizon , demons souls and Spiderman( i wish it was the sequel... But i AM hyped and Will get it), Gran turismo, ratchet , that Pixar looking game !


Demon's Souls Remake / 10

Also, depending on how backwards compatibility works, I may go with the digital console. Good excuse to stop buying disc games.

I give it a 9. lots of games and lots of variety. Although I hated the 1st horizon game so that did nothing for me.

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It was the first show, and I'm giving it a 8.5/10, maybe even 9. I love the Console Design, the Dual Sense, most sexy design ever. I'm happy, Next Gen will start soon. Sony 1st party Devs will shock us, mark my words.

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Was an okay showing, a few great announcements like Demon Souls and Horizon 2 but.. nothing looked like the UE5 tech demo in terms of visuals and nothing showcasing that super fast SSD. Every game looks like it can play on current gen consoles. Not a fan of the console design.. it looks taller than the Series X and just too Alien Wareish.
I get the impression next gen is too early.

So ma y games I want. That Ratchet and a lank game looks amazing. Spidey looks like a First Light style add on as supposed to a whole new game.

HZD2, Demon Souls, that SE game all looked amazing and a new GT with the old skool map.

I am really hoping GG are saving a KZ reveal for later. Also surprised they didn't show any Beat em Up.

However, in happy with what they showed.

Full of "only possible on PS5" bullcrap, it's "Resogun couldn't be possible on PS3" all over again. Gotta drink that kool aid

About gameplay: nothing to be seen, nothing to be rated, but I didn't expect anything wowing

But well... It looks better, that's we all care after all

I will give a 6/10 , the execution was pretty strong I could feel the hype radiating from my phone

Called it: GTA V again

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7.5/10 I guess? A few games that looked really good, a few that looked somewhat interesting, and a lot that just bored me. I think it should have been a bit shorter.