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Forums - Sony Discussion - Grade the PS5 Conference


What's your score?

10 28 12.56%
9 56 25.11%
8 52 23.32%
7 30 13.45%
6 24 10.76%
5 16 7.17%
4 6 2.69%
3 6 2.69%
2 1 0.45%
1 4 1.79%

Was pretty much perfect to be honest.

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I went 7

Not really enough gameplay from the big reveals for me to go higher.


8/10..... It was different right down to the console design for a PS.
Jim not afraid to make changes and take risk with the brand it seems. Releasing just another black box after 25 years of black boxes is kinda stale at this point. I like it.


Dark Souls Remake Exclusive
Spiderman 2 Day 1
New Ratchet Game
Horizon 2
LBP Sequel
2nd Party Square Enix Exclusive

$500 is a really good price point for this too. 

The only bad thing about it was the outdated console design that is bound to overheat, and the sad "all-digital" version.

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Bonzinga said:
Was an okay showing, a few great announcements like Demon Souls and Horizon 2 but.. nothing looked like the UE5 tech demo in terms of visuals and nothing showcasing that super fast SSD. Every game looks like it can play on current gen consoles. Not a fan of the console design.. it looks taller than the Series X and just too Alien Wareish.
I get the impression next gen is too early.

I think we're past the point in the development of technology where we're going to get something that truly couldn't be done before with only a 7 year gap.  If that's what you're after, you're probably going to be disappointed.

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Kena looks good but that's about it out of the new stuff. No release date, price and why is it white? 6/10

Decent for revealing a new generation, but I wasn't that impressed. I expected at least something impressive, but I think nothing was that impressive. Still, it was all games, and not even bad ones judging by the looks, and the console itself was revealed too.


The initial time spent on GTA V can be forgiven because it's an important game, but after a brief stint of GT7 and Ratchet & Clank the event went soon into padding territory full force. About 30 minutes of meh before Demon's Souls, Resident Evil 8 and Horizon closed out the show on a high note.

There weren't many games dated for 2020 - which is okay because we are talking about a two month window - but Hitman 3 was the only 2021 game I remember that got a month/season assigned to it; the rest were plain 2021. Another game was 2022 and quite a few titles didn't even get a year. Overall, that's a pretty weak outlook and doesn't point to exciting initial months for the PS5.

Price of the console wasn't announced. It was an event that was more focused on playing the hype game than revealing concrete information. That probably impresses a lot of people regardless, but when the dust has settled and people think of what they actually know, then there's not much.

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Groundking said:
Kena looks good but that's about it out of the new stuff. No release date, price and why is it white? 6/10

Spider-man, Horizon 2, and pikmin? 10/10.

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