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Forums - Sales Discussion - Why Sonys Play Station is the standard for home consoles since 1994 ?

PS1 108 million units 

PS2 159 million units

PS3 88 million units

PS4 112 million units and counting

Despite the small slack of PS3 that finished second only less than 15m of Wii, Sonys Play Station seems to be an ever-lasting success-story in home consoles Industry since its 1994 launch. Why do you think Sony managed to dominate the home console market like no other in the recent times ? 

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They chose the right popular media finally after a lot of previous failures like betamax. So choosing CDs for PS1, DVDs for PS2 and then Blu Ray for PS3 helped a lot.

Also they had insane third party support and their first party exclusives are usually really good.

Because its where you can play most of the best games.
Playstation always has you covered in all fronts, and has also some of the best studios out there too.
So it's the most, most variated and some of the best games out there.
It's a no-brainer, really.

Sony has great first party and many 3rd party exclusives like rn ps4 has many 3rd party exclusive fighting games

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Generally being nice to developers (which tends to get your platforms the largest library of in-gen games) and generally smart pricing are the two qualities that stand out the most to me. Also, at this point their legacy of successes is a factor in its own right.

Those have been the most consistent factors advantaging them, I think. To me. These days the PlayStation brand also stands out for its continued focus on single-player games for adults, which I think there's more demand for out there than the competition realizes. This is the main appeal of the PlayStation brand for me personally these days.

Also they've usually had the right tech for the right time. Timing is important on that stuff! There were 32-bit, CD-based gaming consoles (like the 3DO for example) before the PlayStation, but they didn't take off for reasons of price and inconvenience to developers because the gaming market itself wasn't yet ready to move on from 16-bit. I could go on with examples of what I mean, but the core thing I'm talking about is a pattern of neither falling behind where the market is nor getting ahead of it. Intuiting where the average gamer is and what they can afford at a given juncture.

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Games lots and lots of games.

Also generally not a pain to make games for. Nintendo were too focused on piracy and trying to use storage medium that they thought would prevent it and was against what the others were doing so always an uphill battle for ports.

Cart vs CD, mini DVD vs DVD, DVD vs BluRay



Strong 3rd party support and good 1st party library to complement it.

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Because it's the most exhaustive blend of games from Western developers and Japanese developers. Microsoft is typically lacking in Japanese support, and Nintendo lacks a lot of AAA third-party games (Japanese or otherwise).
First-party games do help. Gran Turismo, God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, etc. But they are merely a contributing factor and not as essential to Sony as they are for Nintendo.

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Because for gaming Sony is simply the best and they often make the right choices

3rd party support and brand familiarity. Xbox does have 3rd party support but due to Sony's past most Western gamers gravitate towards it. And Nintendo, eh they don't think of 3rd parties first but it's working out for them so I guess no harm done at this time.

By the way, those PS1 and PS2 numbers are well off by about 4 million or so for PS2 and 7 Million for PS1. Unless they sold another 4 Million/7Million in the past year I don't know about.