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Dragon quest is the AC/DC of jrpgs, should never change. You know what to expect and it's one of the strengths of the series.

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Leynos said:
Ka-pi96 said:

The fact that you're referring to them as "the protagonist" rather than by an actual name doesn't disappoint you?

Kinda the point of DQ. You are the Hero. I think Erdrick is the only named one.

I love how they got around that in 8 with Yangus' Gov nickname for the player character.

Yangus in general was a great character, probably the best side character in any DQ game.

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Looove this game so much,a traditional jrpg like Dragon Quest XI is so rare these days.

OP definitely didn't finish the game. There's way, way more sidequests to do, way more revelations, and a big secret boss to fight. You might as well have played Animal Crossing for the first week, gotten your first K.K. concert, and given up on that too.

Credits rolling is not the end of the game in either of those two games. Not by a long shot. Same goes for Nier Automata.

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Leynos said:
Nautilus said:
For some of the users here who seem to be implying this: Making a better battle system dosen't mean going Action RPG. Quite the opossite really. There are inumerous ways to improve the gameplay and still be turn based. Taht's what I wish the game did too. Played the demo and while I liked the gameplay, it felt really... dated and slow.

The music didn't help either.

Play the Switch version. Music is a full orchestra and adding DQ8 as the field theme is amazing.

I played the Switch version. I can only imagine what torture it would be to your years if it was the PS4 version.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

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I think the traditionalism is probably one of the biggest reasons people like it. When i hear people talk about it they say things like "it reminds me of classic jrpgs" or "it reminds me of old Final Fantasy". And i agree it has many elements that i feel Final Fantasy has been missing for some time.

With that said i do agree that some things need to be modernized. the save system, and the music especially. I don't want combat system to change too much to the point it becomes an ARPG. maybe a real time combat system like FF12 at the most. I do think they could do away with the battle transitions at least.

Some changes would be welcome but at the same time I don't want such a drastic change where it barely feels like dragon quest anymore.

This is my first ever Dragon Quest game and I absolutely love it! It is so much oozing with charme and flair like few other games. I think the story is well written, takes its time, develops every character in a very deep and meaningful way and has so many great moments, sometimes thrilling and sometimes very emotional. I also enjoy that the game gives me the option to let the characters battle automatically. That way the battles are much, much faster and my fighters use techniques and skills I don't even know I had in my repertoire. And I also love the beautiful soundtrack, it's fantastic.

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Leynos said:
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The_Liquid_Laser said:

I'm going to take you back to what I said in my first post.  I could tell there was plenty of postgame/endgame content left.  This is the type of stuff I usually love in an RPG.  But DQXI's story was just waaaaaay too long.  Once the credits rolled, I was ready to be done with it for good.  I just didn't want to be in that world any longer.


To save you some trouble. Basically Act 3 is. So going to give this away if you want it. Short version. If not. Stop here.






You go back in time to about halfway point in the game. You prevent most of act 2 from happening. Meet some ghost who is the lover of the hero we heard so much about and at some point fight the real end boss which was in that giant purple sphere in the sky. After you beat him. You see a book close and a mother wakes her child. It's a prequel to DQIII.

You also meet the Yggdragon who awards you the title of Erdrick, then the book closes. 

There are some fans who suspect that the game isn't really a prequel but instead just a story/myth/legend that's read about in the world of DQ1-3. This is in part because Erdrick isn't mentioned at all in DQ3 until the end when you're rewarded the title and learn that DQ3 is a prequel to DQ1. Personally, I think DQXI is a prequel to DQ3.

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Damn, I was thinking about playing this one, guess not now, you saved me money.


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John2290 said:
Damn, I was thinking about playing this one, guess not now, you saved me money.

I played all of them and in my opinion it is one of the best ones,the complaint about the length of the game is weird cause this surely is not the longest one + it almost needs no grinding in my experience .

Voice acting is very good and the dialect of the characters make them stand out more to be their own person,the main char is a blank slate like he always has been in these games and imo that is a good thing.The game is very polished and has good challenging bossfights.

And the story is great,this is one of the purest Dragon Quest games and if you like the series you have a good chance of liking this one.

That everything needs to be an ARPG to be modernized is a silly thought and what even makes something modern,it is an empty term to reflect personal preference in this case.