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Which is better?

Donkey Kong Country series 16 34.04%
2D Mario series 31 65.96%

How is 2D mario winning this pole? it doesnt make sense.

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older mario games and newer dk for me. right now I would be more hyped about a third dk game.

JRPGfan said:
How is 2D mario winning this pole? it doesnt make sense.

I think it's because more people voted for it.

JRPGfan said:
How is 2D mario winning this pole? it doesnt make sense.

Modern Donkey Kong blows and he handles like a sack of potatoes.

Donkey Kong games would be better if DK handled like Mario and running was actually required instead of just bouncing around.

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Give me any 2D Mario (aside from Japanese SMB2/Lost Levels) and I'm gonna have the time of my life.
DKC series is great, but it's not Mario.

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There’s a huge gap in years and design between Super Mario World/Donkey Kong Country and New Super Mario Bros/Donkey Kong Country Returns. I have no choice but to consider each generation separately.

The 16 bit contest goes to SMW by a long shot for me. From flying to hopping on different colored yoshi, there was such fluid gameplay. Where as DKC was ridged and stiff. I liked the sound in SMW and the color too! More variety in levels and world map choices too.

But for the return to 2D, Donkey Kong Rules! “New” SMB had infinity lives and was so easy. NSMBU had some truly interesting levels though and is the best of the “New” series. But Returns and Tropical Freeze has the best fluidity and spunky energy! There were optional levels that were almost impossible for me. The worlds felt alive with flowers and shaky ground. The backgrounds felt like part of the foreground. The art was realer but still had a vibrancy of dream.

The DKC games are amazing and in a lot of ways better than the modern NSMBU series in terms of graphics, level design, difficulty, and music. However, the simplicity and the sort of magical vibes that 2D Mario games give make it a better series for me. There's also more variety in terms of powerups in 2D Mario. So I choose 2D Mario

I personally think that as a series, Donkey Kong Country is superior.

I always found DKC's controls/physics, variety, music, and atmosphere better than Mario's, and while all 5 main DKC games are great, I'd only consider Mario Bros 1, 3, and World to be on the same level. The NSMB games are merely decent to mediocre, none of them are in the same league as any DKC game.

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Well, DKC1, DKC2 and DKC3 are amazing games.

But Mario has more 2D games, and I like a lot of them. The NES ones, SMW, NSMB Wii, NSMBU... So I'll choose Mario here.

Mario to me.
Tried Tropical Freeze but get bored, while NSMBU was pretty god. Maybe I'll do another play soon.
Still, SMB3 is my favorite one, followed by SMW.

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