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As soon as a movie is fun, or enjoyable, it's not bad? I definitely like movies that are considered to be bad, at least by "professional movie reviewers", who I hold in somewhat lower esteem as a whole than their gaming counterparts. This really only happens with comedy movies though. I'm struggling to think of a movie from another genre that would fit this bill....I liked Mortal Kombat in the theater in 1996 as a 21 year old. Maybe the best video game movie ever at the time? A low bar. But I can't look at it now...

I can at least name a few comedies that are critically panned that I like/love.

Love Semi-Pro. Orginal cut. Extended blu-ray cut adds almost 100% garbage. Maybe my most re-watched movie of the last decade.

Love Macgruber - For this, it's the inverse. Well, not quite. The extended blu-ray cut is the way to go, but the original theatrical is close. My other contender for most watched of the decade.

I loved Kung Pow!, but I haven't watched it in ages. Maybe it wouldn't hold up. It's been around 12 years since I last watched it and viewed it most vigorously almost 2 decades ago. Whatever though, I got a lot out of it. Great special features. Including 2 entirely different audio tracks for the film, one of which is complete nonsense.

I just watched Action Point. Really had fun with it. Big fan of Knoxville, and his stunt-work was yet again, excellent. Had some good laughs, but it wasn't the funniest movie ever.

Loved The Pest. It was so f***ed up. And not really in a "shock comedy" way. It was f***ed up in it's own unique way. It's also where the name COKTOE came from. I did legit love it, but it's the oldest movie on this list. I bet lots of it would fall flat now. Some of the racist stuff might be funnier than ever though. Hard to say. I cant' vouch for it any more. It's been probably almost 20 years since I watched it.

Really liked Popstar....It actually has a 79% at RT, but was a huge flop commercially.

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I can get some saying Big Trouble in Little China does not qualify so I'll offer this up instead :

Likely doesn't qualify either (for some) since it doesn't take itself seriously - just kinda surprised it hasn't been mentioned.  Although I am not its biggest fan I have met quite a few people that absolutely love this move.


I need to catch up! =P

I think when it came to Legends of Hercules, those were like the B-films of the ancient Greek world. "What monster will Herc kill now? A dragon? No, we got to do better! A THREE HEADED DRAGON! And when you cut one head off, two grow in its place" "What about the sequel?" "Hercules goes to hell, and fights a giant dog! Not just any dog, but the hound of Hades, and it has THREE heads!"

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Starship Troopers
The Expendables (whole series)

Starship Troopers is boss. Not having that it's a bad film.

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Dead Man on Campus 1998, got horrrrrrrrible ratings from critics, but seemed to rub a lot of fans the right way. For my money, it's a fun film to watch. Zack Morris was pretty much the proto-Stiffler.

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Here's another one I liked. Starring one of Kevin Smith's favourite actors to use, Jason Lee, and the quirky manic pixie dream girl played by Julia Stiles, this film just hits on trope after trope and cliche after cliche, but somehow ends up in a silly-entertaining guy's rom-com (yes, they exist! They're not all chick flicks).

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Haven't seen all of the 1994 Street Fighter movie, but there's just something delightful about M Bison's infamous "But for me, it was Tuesday." scene.

A fair few of the Godzilla series fall into this category, but I give special mention to Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla, Godzilla vs Gigan, Godzilla vs Megalon, and Godzilla Final Wars.

All hilariously, deliciously awful.

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