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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Third party games lacking this gen?

Memory fails me a bit right now but on a first glance, maybe you're right. Ubisoft's biggest bet this gen, Watch_Dogs, turned out to be soso compared to Assassin's Creed, which still makes noise, although they managed to do ok with smaller hits like For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege. There were some other big guns from other companies like DOOM and Metal Gear Solid V, also.

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A lot of third parties, particularly western ones, hit dork ages this generation (or were Rockstar and released only one new game). Conversely a few Japanese studios hit a stride and escaped dork ages like Capcom (especially recently), and Square Enix.

It's basically a case of 'EA/Activision/Blizzard/Konami/Warner Bros/etc' lacking this gen if anything.

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I think we also saw a reversal in Japanese published titles hitting better strides this gen then their western counterparts. Funny, it was the exact opposite last gen.

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Mar1217 said:
I think we also saw a reversal in Japanese published titles hitting better strides this gen then their western counterparts. Funny, it was the exact opposite last gen.

I dunno, as great as Western devs delivered last gen I reckon Japanese devs also brought the heat with games like Mario Galaxy 1 + 2, Bayonetta, Vanquish, Xenoblade Chronicles, Monster Hunter Tri, etc.

Western devs do seem to be largely responsible for the big decline this gen though. They got too conservative and made their games too generic.

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Western games yea,japanese however hell noo.
Plus sooo many amazing indie games.

This is one of the best genns ever.


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It doesn't seem like there's an overall shortage of 3rd-party games in the 8th Gen, at least as far PS4, Xbox One, and Windows go. The Wii U had a very clear shortage of 3rd-party games, even for a Nintendo platform. If you consider Switch 8th Gen, it's had a lot of 3rd-party support. A lot of indie games, ports, and shovelware. But it's still a lot of support.
There does seem to be a lack of 3rd-party exclusives, which were very common in previous generations. Also, there is a very heavy reliance on ports, remasters, and remakes. For someone like me who missed out on a lot of 7th-gen games, I don't particularly mind it. But I understand the frustration.

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Ya I’d say that’s accurate. Last gen was my favourite by far for 3rd party games.

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Seeing the games OP mentioned and the more i think about last gen, the more it sucked.

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I have a personal perspective and an objective perspective.  Personally I own a lot more PS3 third party games than PS4 third party games.  That doesn't even include the many PS3 games I tried and then traded back to Gamestop.  With PS4, I've bought few and traded few.  There just aren't many games to interest me.

Objectively, there have been a lot of mid-tier third party studios that have gone under in the past 10-15 years.  In other words, there was a decline in third party output going from both Gen 6 to Gen 7 and Gen 7 to Gen 8.  PS2 and PS4 are both very successful consoles.  Wikipedia says "over 3800" for PS2 while a google search gives 1600 physical titles for PS4 as of July 2019.  I seriously doubt PS4 is going to double it's number of titles from July 2019 til the end of it's life.  PS2 will have a lot more physical games in the end. 

The cost of graphical fidelity goes up every generation.  We lost a bunch of mid tier developers as a result.  In fact this is a common business strategy in just about every industry.  The established players make it hard for smaller and new businesses to compete.  In this case the AAA third party publishers make the cost to compete very high, especially when it comes to graphics.  Mid-tier players go out of business as a result.

Now, if we are going to include downloadable-only titles, then PS4 actually has a lot more games than PS2.  But if you are in the same camp as me, then you really appreciated those mid-budget games.  They provide variety and uniqueness to consoles, while still have decent graphics and scope.  Take away the mid-budget games and all of gaming feels a lot more samey.

There's some great 3rd party games
Resident evil 7
Resident evil 2r
Witcher 3
Persona 5
Neir automata
Red dead 2
Dragon quest XI

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