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What was your highest score?

Action 4 20.00%
Social 3 15.00%
Mastery 2 10.00%
Achievement 4 20.00%
Creativity 3 15.00%
Immersion 4 20.00%

I'm very picky about the same type of game, so I kept saying I don't hate but don't like most of the questions, which resulted in a very poor chart.

I prefer to play platformers, but I prefer something fun to play like Shovel Knight to something more difficult like Celeste. But I think Celeste is also a very good game.

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Excitement (6%) Destruction (46%)
Competition (7%) Community (2%)
Challenge (22%) Strategy (65%)
Completion (80%) Power (72%)
Discovery (14%) Design (1%)
Fantasy (25%) Story (32%)

Apparently I'm an achievement whore...

Looks like it's not really a useful test for me. The games I play are way too varied and my behavior within them as well. They lump together way too many things that I treat completely differently. So much depends on the game itself and my motivation to play it.

Simple example. I have over 4000h in Rocket League. I do not like to compete against other players. I like to get slowly better at the game but I don't go out of my way to study or train for it. I like to play together with other people but absolutely not with randoms.

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I'm not sure how accurate this is because I'm only very interested in the character's stories depending on the game. And it was hard to answer 'Mastery' related questions because when it comes to getting my characters as strong as possible, I draw the line somewhere, because I have bad experiences with getting too overpowered that scarred me for life.

For example, in the Persona 5 Royal DLC they let you summon and use endgame Persona from previous games, at the start of this game. Even though they're much higher level than you.

Definitely not interested in 'Getting as strong as possible' in this manner as it'd remove any challenge from the combat.
I'll try it out at some point at the end of the game for fun, but the survey probably didn't consider the the flipside to some of the questions.

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Don’t care much about unlocking skins or putting huge efforts into creating characters so my creativity is super low I guess. I don’t really agree with that, most games have plenty of ways to be creative without having customized characters.

Not surprised at the rest. I greatly enjoy multiplayer games and I try to get every achievement/trophy when I play games.

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Calm, Independent, Deeply Immersed, and Creative. Meh, fair enough, I guess.

Also, why is destruction a measured motivation?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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7 out of 48 game recommendations for me were acceptable. None of the recommendations were platformers despite Super Mario Odyssey being one of the three games I told them about. It seems the entire database they have shoots miles past classic games.

At least the image feels about right.

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Darwinianevolution said:

Also, why is destruction a measured motivation?

Because many people like to destroy things while playing games?


97% Destruction

95% Power

94% Strategy

64% Community

37% Design

1% Story

I don't think this accurately represents my taste in games. My main issue with the survey is that there were too many questions focused on action and violence, but very few questions focused on relaxation and creativity. I have spent countless hours playing The Sims, Cities: Skylines, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft, but that doesn't really reflect in these results. I answered "strongly agree" to basically every question because I do like fast-paced action games, but there's also a whole world of games that don't even try to incorporate action, and this survey seems to ignore them. I would say that immersion is super important to me, but I guess my score is so low because I don't care about storylines in games. A game doesn't need a story to be immersive, and I do feel that story is the least important aspect of a good video game.

BTW The 6 games I listed were: Minecraft, Fallout 4, Super Mario Maker 2, Civ VI, Doom 2016, and Rocket League. Plus three mobile games which aren't action oriented at all.

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