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Pretty hard to answer some questions as the answers can be complete opposite for different games. I like racing other people online, but generally prefer single player over anything, played Death stranding off line for the best experience even though it takes 3 times as long. Still the survey puts me at 45% social...

Achievement 59%
Creativity 50%
Mastery 47%
Social 45%
Action 25%
Immersion 24%

While Immersion is about the nr 1 for me, playing almost only VR games for over a year before going back to a more balanced diet.


Discovery 92% (got that right, exploration nr 1)
Strategy 79% (I would call it more going for efficiency in my case)
Fantasy 76% (depends on the game, realism is just as important in other games)
Excitement 64% (depends on the game, mostly triggered by enjoying rhythm games like Beat Saber I think, didn't like the action parts in Death stranding for example)
Power 56%
Completion 54%
Competition 49% (only for racing)
Community 42% (not sure why I got that, but I do spend considerable time on gaming websites, fair is fair)
Challenge 20% (I don't care about difficulty levels at all, efficiency is usually my goal)
Design 11% (depends on the game, but generally don't care about customization)
Destruction 8% (still too high, I like building things, not blowing them up)
Story 3% (out of patience nowadays to read dialogue or sit through cut scenes, tell your story through world building and game play or gtfo)