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I thought this quiz was fun, accurate, and marginally useful as a small minority of the games they recommended me I don't yet own. I also enjoyed the contrived wording of many of the questions. Here were my results:

I can't figure out how to include the other graphic with the secondary characteristics, so here were those, with a line dividing categories over/below 50 percent:

Discovery: 92%
Fantasy: 86%
Story: 81%
Community: 38%
Design: 28%
Completion: 23%
Strategy: 22%
Excitement: 21%
Competition: 19%
Challenge: 13%
Destruction: 13%
Power: 0%

That seems pretty accurate. I answered most of the questions as only marginally important because, honestly, I consider myself open-minded about the genre and design of games, so not many specific details really matter much to me. How a game makes me feel is what I consider the most important. That's what gives it the most meaning to me, and that's usually decided by like the art factors: story, themes, characters, writing, voice acting, visual style, music and atmosphere, humor, hiccups (which can be funny sometimes!), that sorta thing. I prefer to play as another character with their own arc, not just a direct stand-in for me that I have to design, but I'm okay with it either way.

The game recommendations they gave me seemed pretty accurate in all three categories (niche, popular, and balanced), as I own and enjoy a large majority of them already.

Last edited by Jaicee - on 09 May 2020