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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your favorite console per generation?

Gen 1: N/A
Gen 2: N/A
Gen 3: NES
Gen 4: SNES
Gen 5: PS1
Gen 6: PS2
Gen 7: PS3
Gen 8: PS4

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Sega Master System
SEGA Saturn
Dreamcast (also my fave of all time0
360/PS3 are tied
PS4/Switch are tied

Game Gear/Nomad
Neo Geo Pocket Color

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Super Nintendo
N64 (mostly nostalgia for this one)
PS4 till the Switch came out. Switch is currently my primary console, with PS4 being my secondary.

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I'll go with the generations I've lived through.

4th Gen : SNES
5th Gen : N64
6th Gen : Gameboy Advance
7th Gen : Xbox 360
8th Gen : 3DS
8.5 Gen : Switch

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1. never played any of them though the color TV game line was the best selling console for this gen and it was Nintendo's entrance to the console market.
2. atari 2600/game and watch
3. NES
5. N64
6. Gamecube
7. Wii/DS
8. Switch

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1. N/A
2. Atari 2600 - Parents bought one
3. N/A
4. SEGA Mega Drive - 1st console. Fond memories of this one. SNES was objectively better but never bought one.
5. PlayStation - Introduced some of my favourite series for video games
6. PlayStation 2 - Expansive library. So many good titles and memories with friends
7. PlayStation 3 - Really high quality games, online play good stuff
8. PlayStation 4 - Slowed down a bit with games, but still enjoyable, none the less

Also Switch is generation 9.

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1st gen. N/A
2nd gen. Atari 2600
3rd gen. NES
4th gen. Mega Drive(Genesis) + SNES tied
5th gen. Saturn + N64 tied
6th gen. Dreamcast + GameCube tied
7th gen. Wii
8th gen. N/A (Though i have PS4, Xbox One and Wii U, but they're not all my favorite consoles)
8.5th or 9th gen. Switch

4th gen. Game Boy + Game Gear tied
5th gen. Game Boy Color
6th gen. Game Boy Advance
7th gen. DS
8th gen. 3DS
8.5th or 9th gen. Switch Lite hahaha

Started gaming in gen 4, so I have no opinion on earlier consoles:

Gen 4: Sega Genesis
Gen 5: N64
Gen 6: Xbox
Gen 7: Xbox 360
Gen 8: PS4 (it's close between XB1 and PS4 this gen for me, but PS4 just edges it out by having better 1st/2nd party exclusives this gen)

And though gen 9 isn't officially started yet, I intend to buy Xbox Series X first and expect it to be my favorite next gen. MS has been taking all the right steps to ensure that so far. 

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1st - n/a
2nd - Atari 2600
3rd - NES
4th - SNES
5th - PS (Nintendo 64 was close for me)
6th - XBox (I didn't have any of these but I played Halo and Halo 2 all of the time with friends)
7th - PS3
8th - Switch (narrowly beats ps4 but the option of portable and console play wins it over for me).

Mostly my tastes are in line with the mass market.

Gen 1 - Never played any of these systems
Gen 2 - Atari 2600
Crash Generation - Never owned any of these systems, but I did play them at friends' houses.  Colecovision was the best console, but the C64 was better than that.
Gen 3 - NES
Gen 4 - SNES (Genesis was a very close second)
Gen 5 - PS1
Gen 6 - PS2
Gen 7 - Wii and PS3 tied (both were great)
Gen 8 - Wii U and PS4 tied (both sucked)
Gen 9 - Switch