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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Game Showcase May 7 at 8 AM PT

Wow... I mean there were some interesting games, but it was a very underwhelming presentation...I hope Sony will do better, and won't think that this is the way to showcase a next-gen system.

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Not bad. Not great. Def some stand out games but felt cross-gen, which to be fair seemed obvious before the show so I'm not too worried.
Def look forward to their July event

trunkswd said:
I swear I thought that one game was a new Alien game.

It's pretty much a Giger game so It could be awesome

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For what it was it was alright. A bunch of meat games but nothing stood out.

Very underwhelmed, hope they knock it out of the park with their 1st party titles specifically designed for the next gen Xbox.

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Not bad overall but the era of cross gen games has started so we won't be seeing the true next gen titles for a while.


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JamesGarret said:
Wish they had started with at least one real next gen game instead of only cross gen titles.

Pretty unrealistic expectation then. It's pretty obvious that third parties make games for multiple platforms so them making cross gen titles at the beginning of a new generation shouldn't surprise anyone.

OMG 4player split screen


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Assassin's Creed aside, that was one lame show.

Hmm, no excitement at all after watching. There is no way i am dishing out $500 for any next gen console if this is what things are going to look like.
TF was MS thinking?