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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Future FF7 Remake parts could be smaller than FF7R Part 1 to ensure a faster release schedule

JWeinCom said:

Next game is just the walk from Midgar to Kalm.

If they're going to make it smaller hopefully the price is smaller too.

Square enix: "lol no"

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I think you and whoever wrote that article misinterpreted that. They meant doing the exact same with part 1 which is is they made a rather small portion of the game and made it more detailed. They said the same thing when they were explaining why it's just midgar for part 1.

If they're like the first part the more the merrier. End part two at Junion :D

Who even says it's gonna follow the story of the original?

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I think it will only be 3 parts, but there might be spin offs and DLC further down the line. Financially speaking I don't think its a good idea to have too many parts, a percentage of people don't finish the first part and will not bother with the second part; so on and so forth the more parts you add. As you add more episodes you just keep adding more barriers to entry where people who haven't played the previous parts will never get into it. So personally I think it will only be 3 parts. The second part I think will be from where you leave Midgar to the City of the Ancients, thats of course if they keep most of the events in line with things from the original.

I know a lot of people use the argument that the beginning part of Midgar is only a small part of the game, but I feel differently about that. After you leave Midgar a lot of your time is spent travelling between places on the map. Dungeon's like the Mythril Cave or Mt Nibel were point A to point B excercises, they features little to no story content. Where as in Midgar there was a lot of time spent progressing the story.

I think they should try to make the world semi-open; so there is nothing as massive as The Witcher, but perhaps something a bit more like FF12. The second game in a series tends to be the best game, so I have high hopes they nail the next game and make it well balanced with a reasonably sized semi-open world.

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shikamaru317 said:
Hynad said:
He doesn’t say future parts will be smaller than the first one at all.

Here is the full quote of what he actually says:

Nomura: (How about the next part?) Depends on how many parts the overall story will be. If we divide the story into large parts, it'll take longer to make. If we divide it into more detailed smaller sections, then developing it will be faster. I hope to release the next one ASAP.

So, he doesn't actually say that part 2 will be smaller than part 1 like the article suggests, but it can be inferred that it is being considered, since he says that smaller sections will be faster to develop, and that he wants to release part 2 ASAP.

Not at all.He is mainly justifiying why the Remake was divided at all.It's because they wanted to make it into a bigger game, so they chooped it up so it is more "deliverable"(and make more money while they are at it, obviously)

The game scope, story, and dev time was probably all planned during pre production of part 1.After all, if they are making this inot a trilogy or whatever it turns out to be, it dosen't make sense to plan things along the way when it's a remake of a very important game.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

I'm fine with it as long as each part feels of similar or more content/quality to part 1. Kalm to the end of the ship ride to next continent would a good nice junk(assuming it's not majorly different).

vivster said:

Who even says it's gonna follow the story of the original?

Yoshinori Kitase

In the future we will see threads as FFVII Remake Part VI>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FFVII Remake Part IX, the best thing you can say about FFVII Remake Part IX it wasn't that bad as FFVII Remake Part IV urgh worst game ever..

I personally hope that we will see Part 2 release within a year because I don't want to see this remake last all generation, but I also don't want part 2 to be too small, especially if they're going to charge full price for it. Ideal situation for part 2 would be chapters 7-18 (Kalm-City of the Ancients) even if it takes like 2 years, but if they can only manage about half that many chapters (buffed up with new content) I'll be happy as long as we don't have to wait more than a year.

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