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Forums - Movies Discussion - Most rewatched tv series?

I have rewatched all of Family Guy at least 5 times, some seasons more. It's basically what I turn on whenever I'm eating. South Park and Futurama are the same with slightly fewer rewatches.

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I've probably seen every episode of Friends at least six or seven times, but I've only ever watched it through in order once.

From front to back, it's 24, which I've done three times.

I'll start of with a few then add later then I think about it. Won't count anime or cartoons here

Stargate ALL
MacGyver (original)
Star Trek ALL
Airwolf (first three)
Knight Rider
Love They Neighbour
Mind Your Language
80s british comedies (usually short series so easy to rewatch)



I watch through Burn Notice and Avatar the Last Airbender at least once a year. Besides those two I don't really rewatch series all that often. The closest would be Stranger Things which I've watched through at least four times by now.

I still watch both Star Trek TOS and TNG quite regularly. I also re-watch DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise on occasion.

I've also re-watched some anime series several times over, namely DBZ, Evangelion, and Escaflowne.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer, most probably. Though I watched tons of Dr. Quincy and Murder,she wrote with my mom as a kid and a teen. Arrow is slowly catching up.

Saint Seiya/Dragonball/DBZ/Ulysses 31/Jaice and the Wheeled Warriors/Captain Tsubasa (hell, pretty much anything that ran on Club Dorothée and the like) for Anime

Band of Brothers, probably at least once a year. Game of Thrones, think I've seen the whole thing twice, most of it thrice. Most series aren't suited for rewatching, so I usually don't, unless I'm starting over with someone who hasn't seen it.

From start to finish Babylon 5. If purley counting episodes in no order Seignfeld.

When it comes to TV shows, I find that even more so than with movies, in order for me to re-watch it, because it's such a big time commitment, it really needs to have very captivating performances. Either that, or it's a comedy show of some type, where you can always just sit down and re-watch a couple episodes for a laugh. When it comes to movies, you might revisit a stupid 90 minute action flick, cus it's just good flashy fun....if you revisit a whole TV show, you're looking at days upon days of pure run-time, probably consumed over several weeks. To embark on that undertaking for a story you already know, action you've already seen, twists and cliffhangers you already experienced, etc. you really need to be drawn in to the characters as they're being portrayed. The actors can't just be decent, or serviceable vehicles to move the story forward. They have to absolutely embody their role, they need to have a certain level of charisma, or magnetism, and they need to have a real character arc that gives them new material to play with.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Star Trek
Doctor Who
Battlestar Galactica