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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which XBox Game Studios developer are you most excited to hear from next gen?


Which Xbox Game Studios developer are you most excited to hear from next gen?

343 Studios 91 11.15%
Mojang 22 2.70%
Ninja Theory 131 16.05%
Obsidian 206 25.25%
Playground 49 6.00%
Rare 159 19.49%
The Coalition 24 2.94%
Turn 10 30 3.68%
Undead labs 2 0.25%
Other 102 12.50%

Rare and Obsidian, followed by Ninja Theory.

Hoping Halo can return to its former glory too.

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sales2099 said:
DonFerrari said:

Change of genre can be a great challenge and opportunity. Let`s see what they make of it.

Stranger things have happened. Guerilla went from Killzone Shadowfall to Horizon Zero Dawn. 

Well a change from FPS to Action RPG isn't as big as Racing to RPG. But yes it can be a great thing.

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At this moment, my most anticipated game is still Halo Infinite. I'm both excited and worried about it, and with the gap between Halo 5 and Infinite being the longest gap between main series Halo games (5 years, vs. the old norm of 3), the wait to finally get some substantial information and see some actual gameplay has been excruciating. Halo is still my favorite new franchise of the 21st century, but I've had some major criticisms with how 343 Industries has handled the franchise, from radical changes in art style in Halo 4 to radical changes in basic gameplay in Halo 5 (to be fair to them, I had issues with some things Bungie did, and there's a couple of things I think 343i does better than Bungie). What little we've seen regarding Infinite has got me interested. I like the move towards a more classic art style, going back to focusing on the Chief, the return of split-screen co-op, and even music that sounds a lot more like what Marty O'Donnell made for the original trilogy. But 343i really needs to nail the gameplay, and that's the one thing we know nothing about. Hopefully whenever MS does their big digital E3 substitute event there's a big blow-out for Halo Infinite.


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Playground games are definitely exciting and full of potential. They've already proven they can craft an amazing open-world racer with Forza Horizon and I hear rumors they're making a massive RPG in the same vein so that'd be great to see. 

Obsidian makes some solid RPGs - a bit on the buggy side at times but they're akin to Bethesda in that the gameplay is such that it's usually worth a few blemishes. 

Not ready to entirely give up on Rare yet. They were my favorite non-Nintendo developer for the N64 and created probably my favorite all-time series in Donkey Kong Country. Even though I don't play much of their new stuff they were the initial reason I made the leap from strictly Nintendo to Nintendo + Xbox. I've gotta believe they still have a little something left, or can have something of a renaissance.

Coalition somewhat lost me with the new Gears games, which just aren't as compelling as the old ones. Still I guess I'd be interested to see some original projects from them. 


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343i- What can I say? Halo is my favorite. I'm super pumped to see Halo Infinite!
Playground games- The quality of their games speak for themselves. Forza Horizon is such a great series and I'm excited to see the RPG they are working on.
Ninja Theory- I've enjoyed damn near every game they have released from Kung fu Chaos, DmC, Enslaved, and Hellblade. I know Hellblade 2 will be great and project mara looks interesting.
Obsidian- A company with a stable of great games under their belt. They've never had the full dedicated support so now with the full back of MS, I'm excited to see what they have going on.

under the radar developer is InXile. They've been around forever and I can see them doing some really cool stuff.

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Playground (because of the AAA RPG they are working on) and The Initiative (because of super secret project).


I would say Obsidian. Easily the best pick up of all the studios MS purchased.

Rare, but only if they're gonna PROPERLY bring back their old IPs.

CaptainExplosion said:
Rare, but only if they're gonna PROPERLY bring back their old IPs.

Rare seems focused on Sea of Thieves and their upcoming game, Everwild. I'm not sure if they will return to an old IP anytime soon. 

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Ninja Theory for sure. They seem like they can produce software that will make the console attractive for people who are on the fence.