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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which XBox Game Studios developer are you most excited to hear from next gen?


Which Xbox Game Studios developer are you most excited to hear from next gen?

343 Studios 91 11.15%
Mojang 22 2.70%
Ninja Theory 131 16.05%
Obsidian 206 25.25%
Playground 49 6.00%
Rare 159 19.49%
The Coalition 24 2.94%
Turn 10 30 3.68%
Undead labs 2 0.25%
Other 102 12.50%
Ryuu96 said:

Technically it's Xbox Game Studios now.

Also you're missing their new RTS studio called "World's Edge"

My Ranking

  1. Obsidian Entertainment - Amazing RPG developer that has had a rough ride, often screwed by time constraints or budget so I'm excited to see what they can do with a bigger budget and more time, current rumours are that they're planning an Elder Scrolls/Pillars of Eternity-like game. 
  2. Playground Games - Amazing studio, Forza Horizon is one of the best racing IPs out there and I can't wait to see what they do with the rumoured Fable project, I expect great things from them.
  3. The Initiative - Mostly an unknown but the staff they've been hiring is top quality, also speculation that their title is Perfect Dark which I'd be happy with.
  4. InXile Entertainment - These are a wildcard, I think they'll surprise a lot of people and recently they've been hiring for an AAA RPG and making some nice hires, Brian Fargo is a huge name in the RPG industry.
  5. Rare - I'm excited to see what they do next gen, they had a rough start to this generation but they're finally back on track and I'm eager to see what other new IPs they come up with.
  6. 343 Industries - Would have probably been lower but I'm a fanboy of Halo, they have a lot to prove with Infinite though.
  7. Ninja Theory - Interesting studio to watch, they tend to experiment with new IPs and Hellblade II looks great, also I hope one day they go back to Kung Fu Chaos
  8. The Coalition - I've been happy with their output this generation but I kinda wish they would make a new IP, even though I thought Gears 5 was great.
  9. Undead Labs - 50/50 for me, I've never played a State of Decay but I hope to see a fully AAA State of Decay 3 from them, fix their technical issues and I might be interested.
  10. Double Fine - Never played a game from them, Psychonauts 2 looks good though, I'd love to see them do Conker but I doubt they will.
  11. Compulsion Games - Doesn't really interest me but I think they could be a wildcard.
  12. Mojang - They'll stay on Minecraft, not really that exciting but at least Dungeons looks fun so hopefully future spin-offs will be the same.
  13. Turn 10 - Not a fan of Motorsport anymore so I'm not really interested in T10.
  14. World's Edge - Not really a fan of RTS, I've only ever played Halo Wars in terms of RTS.

lol I'll edit the OP again when I get a few extra minutes.

I didn't include World's Edge because when I looked them up, it looked more like they were overseeing Relic developing Age of Empires IV as opposed to actually developing the game but I might have misread the article. 

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I am looking forward to seeing what 5 of the Xbox Game Studios are doing.

1. Playground Games - Forza Horizon 4 was the best non-vr Racing experience I had this gen.

2. 343 - I am beyond ready for gameplay of Halo Infinite

3. The Initiative - The big unknown, hoping for an incredible single player game to rival Sony.

4. The Coalition - Though Gears 5 felt like it has fallen behind the curve, I am excited to see if they can find new insperation with Gears 6.

5. Ninja Theory - They have been one of my favorite devs for a decade now. Looking forward to seeing more of Hellblade 2.

The rest I'm ready to be pleasently surprised by. It is going to be a much better generation for Xbox and the industry. Thanks to Phil Spencer for rebuilding Xbox Game Studios after Don Mattrick basically, closed, sold, or let go every studio under the Microsoft belt.

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inXile - Brian Fargo's the last boss.

Of this studios the ones I would probably like the games is Rare and Ninja Theory.

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Only dev on that list I'd even remotely care about would be Rare if it was the Rare of the 90s. They have been trash since Adventures. So honestly I don't see anything appealing on the list sorry. The last Obsidian game I played,they ruined a good series. Dungeon Siege. Turned me off from their games. I always hated Ninja Theory. I guess the new studio, Initiative. To see what they make but I don't have high hopes. I hope it's not another "cinematic" gritty FPS or online shooter thing. I loved 360 so much and I wish they could make a system like that again. Work with Mistwalker again. While I'm not a fan of buying everyone up. If they got Mistalker and I'm not wishing for them to,but if they did I'd hope for a true Blue Dragon sequel and Lost Odyssey. Also, bring Cry On back from the dead.

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It's hard to say to be honest. Most of their new studios still really need to prove themselves as they've only made small scale or ok'ish games. But if I had to pick, I would say Obsidian as Outer Worlds was pretty cool.

Rare and the initiative, 343i if they prove to be worthy. But really MS has a solid 1P now.

I'm most excited to see what the new kid on the block, The Initiate does.

Obsidian I'm also keeping a keen eye on.

It's pretty much a tie between Obsidian, Playground and The Initiative. Though I voted for Obsidian in the poll.