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CaptainExplosion said:
sales2099 said:

It’s far more likely MS will farm the IP out to XGS and therefore publish it with a outside developer who specializes in platform games. Platform games simply aren’t as popular as they were in the 90s and any attempt for Rare to make a new Banjo or Conker will never live up to your expectations and especially fond memories. 

Everwild looks whimsical and interesting. I’m not sure about your stance on SoT but today it’s packed with content. No video game comes close to capturing what SoT offers. It has a very dedicated community, you see people post things on Reddit where they craft things you see in the game, it’s nice to see. I just hope you aren’t one of those Rare fans who thinks everything they do now is automatically bad because it isn’t their 90s style platformers. 

Oh really? Then what about the late 2010s?

Riiiight I didn’t mean to insult part of your identity. I’m just stating a fact that platformers were more mainstream in the 90s. No need to show me platformers still exist and are popular. 

Cmon, let Sea of Thieves into your heart ;)

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