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Forums - Sony Discussion - Final Fantasy VII Remake can't be GOTY


Is FF VII Remake a complete game and can be nominated as GOTY?

Yes, it's a complete game 36 54.55%
No, it's just an episode 21 31.82%
Something in between 9 13.64%

bigger = better = consume more content

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Bigger isn't always better. I get people claim it is a full game because it is 30 hours. But 30 hours of what? This could be a home run, it could be a bunch of silly time consuming fetch quests. It could be like MGS where half the time is watching as opposed to playing. I'm waiting to see how it turns out. I'm not convinced. I can't stand filler material in videogames. Quality trumps quantity every time. How did Square take 5 hours and make it 30, that is the question.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
bigger = better = consume more content

That's what she said? 

Oh I thought you meant because Ori, LoU2 and Halo were coming this year.

So many critics in this thread, play the game then come back and talk please. The episodic word needs to be dropped aswell. It's more of a retelling, the amount of depth now to the story is amazing. Character interactions that never existed before are so fun to watch unfold. And just walking around Midger is crazy! Looking up and seeing the towering disc's above you gave me goosebumps.

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Jabba89 said:
The fact that people continue to use the word episodic and compare Final Fantasy VII remake to Telltale games is beyond me.

This isn't Final Fantasy VII, it is the remake and it is a completely different experience than the original. Maybe they should have called it Final Fantasy VII reimagined to remove some confusion, but if you read any of the information released regarding the game you would know this.

Whether it is eligible for GOTY doesn't really matter. I myself don't mind for remakes like this, however if it was just a remaster but otherwise the same game then it shouldn't be eligible.

For me even a regular remaster or port should count.

If gaming didn't improve in 20 years that a game can win GOTY while being same as 20 years ago just with a touch of paint then gaming is damned.

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It won't, don't worry.
We have Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part 2 (it should come with the PS5 now).
In this lands FF7 has no power.

Inb4 Xenoblade remastered wins goty.

In all seriousness, if the game is 20+ hrs, and maintains the quality we saw in that insane demo, then it's a worthy $60 experience in my book.Games like the Last of Us and Uncharted aren't any longer than that. From what I've seen, FFVII R is a blockbuster experience on par with those.

Doesn't matter at all, because Half-Life Alyx is the GOTY of 2020 anyway. =P

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That's like saying The Fellowship of the Ring is not a complete movie. You're really grabbing for straws and technicalities here. What's your end goal here? What do you or anyone gain if this game is "not allowed" to be nominated for a meaningless award?

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