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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How do you buy your games now?


How do you buy your games during the COVID19 pandemic?

Digital 292 37.15%
Delivery 192 24.43%
Online Pickup/Curbside Pickup 12 1.53%
Buy At The A Store 62 7.89%
Not Buying Anything Right Now Due to Backlog 153 19.47%
Not Interested In Anything At The Moment 57 7.25%
Other (yeah...I have no i... 18 2.29%

With the COVID19 virus resulting in most physical stores closing off access to walk into the stores. How do you get your games now? 

- Digital (download)

- Delivery (not leaving the house at all)

- Roadside Pickup (stores like Best Buy have closed their doors but have pickup available at the store but no roaming around inside)

- In Store (there is a local game store or chain store that is still allowing people to walk around)

- not buying games due to backlog

- Don't have any games coming out that you want. 

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I've bought all my games digitally since 2014-2015, other than the Switch, because of its lack of significant storage to hold more than one or two games.

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Digital (Steam-PC).

I also buy by delivery for 3DS, but right now I'm waiting until things calm down in order to buy anything again.

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Digital, but that's just because I just bought a gaming PC so it goes hand in hand at this point really. I'll be picking up FF7 remake physically.

After winning Xbox One from Taco Bell last year, I have been getting most of my games for free (both xbox one and surprisingly also PC) as part of the xbox one live subscription that came with it.

I think I might continue with that after it runs out. I picked other. Although it's digital, it's not really the same because it's more like renting than buying. After subscription service, digital is probably my second most, then delivery. Would normally include in store, probably before delivery, but less likely during COV19.

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For now everything is digital. I'll get the physical versions of some games later for collection purposes.

I have a few physical games coming in for pre-order, but things have gotten so bad I haven't even thought about them until I saw this thread. Last physical game I bought was the Yakuza Collection. Since then it's just been a selection of digital games that were on sale.

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So far it has just been digital for me but I am not against picking up an online order or delivery. I'm not planning on browsing in the store until everything has calmed down.

physical consoles - pick up in store

pc digital

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Always physical but delivered. New games Amazon. Other stuff with eBay or other Japanese import places some not so well known. I do some LRG or limited run stuff.

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