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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How do you buy your games now?


How do you buy your games during the COVID19 pandemic?

Digital 292 37.15%
Delivery 192 24.43%
Online Pickup/Curbside Pickup 12 1.53%
Buy At The A Store 62 7.89%
Not Buying Anything Right Now Due to Backlog 153 19.47%
Not Interested In Anything At The Moment 57 7.25%
Other (yeah...I have no i... 18 2.29%

Not buying anything for a while now due to backlog (except 1 or 2 digital only title on the Eshop). But when I'll get back to it with Trials of Mana in April, it'll be physical in store.

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During the COVID19 pandemic, it's digital. As i bought Doom Eternal serial code via authorized third party storefront 3 days ago, because game stores/retailers and malls closed temporarily not even they can deliver anymore, the curfew started from yesterday causing them the harder to sell any physical media anyway.

The curfew will probably end this week Thursday DEPENDS on citizens when they learn not to go out somewhere, then i can able to buy physical games by delivery.

Looks like if the rumours are true about the weaker Xbox being digital only I don’t think it’ll be a big issue.

I buy purely digital for about 6 years now. I only buy physical copies to collect. Like I buy every Halo and my wife buys every Assassins Creed game to showcase on the shelf.

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Only game I've bought is Animal Crossing, which I planned on buying digitally since it's the kind of game I want with me at all times. I'll probably wind up going digitally for all other things as well. I typically lean that way anyway.

Not buying anything right now but its because im not interested in anything at the moment of the pandemic. When FF7 hits the store I'll probably buy it physically tho.

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I open the steam store page, navigate to the game I want, click on "add to cart" and then I buy it and download and install it. The same way I did it since I had a steam account.

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Everything below € 20 I buy digital. Everything above € 30 I order online with delivery. So business as usual.

vivster said:
I open the steam store page, navigate to the game I want, click on "add to cart" and then I buy it and download and install it. The same way I did it since I had a steam account.

Same for me, whether it is on PC with Steam or Xbox on the MS Store or PS4 on PS Store. If the Switch had more storage I'd buy those games digitally as well. 

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digital only,just like before

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I buy physical only, and I don't plan on changing that ever. However, I'm trying to minimize both my trips outside and my spending on non-essentials just in case, so in the meantime I'm going to work on my backlog. There are new and soon-to-be-released titles I was interested in getting (Doom Eternal, RE3, FF7 Remake), but they can wait.


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