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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How do you buy your games now?


How do you buy your games during the COVID19 pandemic?

Digital 292 37.15%
Delivery 192 24.43%
Online Pickup/Curbside Pickup 12 1.53%
Buy At The A Store 62 7.89%
Not Buying Anything Right Now Due to Backlog 153 19.47%
Not Interested In Anything At The Moment 57 7.25%
Other (yeah...I have no i... 18 2.29%

I normally buy 95% physical, but I haven't bought a game yet this year.  It's because I got so many at the end of 2019.  I didn't even realize it, but the games I got actually have a lot of content.  Wargroove kept me busy for Jan-Feb, mostly because they released a free expansion around that time.  Now I'm playing Darkest Dungeon and it actually has a ton of gameplay too.  I also am about 60 hrs into DQ11 and about 5-7 hours into Link's Awakening.  Also my daughter and I have been replaying Final Fantasy 10.  And even after I complete all of those games I still have plenty more.

One nice thing about having to stay at home is that it will give me a chance to make a serious dent into my backlog.

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A mixture of deliveries, digital purchases and personally going to the stores to buy the games. I prefer the latter because I like the experience of acquiring the games, looking at the cover while on the road to home and that sort of stuff, so it's surprising for me to see that not too many people here prefer this option.

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I buy my Indies as digital on Switch.

If it's a good game for Switch that is AAA I always buy physical.

If it's a PS4 exclusive physical.

If it's a PC multiplat, but has Denuvo, I buy it on PS4 physical.

If it's a multiplat, not an Indie, isn't delayed on PC, isn't an EGS exclusive, and doesn't have Denuvo, I buy digital on Steam or GoG.

If it's a PC exclusive I buy on Steam/GoG.

If it's a game that requires PS+ for online play, but has Denuvo, I still buy on PC.

The only physical games I will buy are carts. But I haven't bought any in over a year.

I don't collect discs anymore, I buy that stuff digitally.

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I don't, because there's no income.

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The only game I have bought recently is Animal Crossing, and I got a physical copy from the store.

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Probably about 30% digital, 60% physical from Amazon, with the remaining 10% Best Buy, Gamestop or misc. Not nearly as into Gamestop or Best Buy as they're usually the priciest and gotten rather annoying with pushing extra crap on you.

I'm definitely putting most non-review game purchases on hold for awhile, possibly the duration of 2020 as my backlog has gotten pretty hefty.


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I always value physical media >>>>>>>> digital, so I have my games delivered. If there is any type of delay due to covid-19 however, I will opt digital to be able to play sooner is roadside pickup does not have it available either.

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I mean, buying new games have not been a priority since the outbreak. That, and rarely am I ever interested in new games. Some games I think I'd be interested in, I play for less than 20 minutes before I'm bored of it. I've given up on console games since 2016. PS4 really disappointed me, and did irreversible damage by packing in a PS3 game I'd played to death back in 2014 when I got the console. The only games I can play for longer than 5 minutes these days is Overwatch, Tekken 7, and Mortal Kombat 11. The only game I ever completed on PS4 was Detroit: Become Human. So, given how games have been going for me, I haven't been bothered enough to play any of them.

I do get all my games digital, now. It easier that way.

Still buy at the store when I can...

Nvm, didn't read the OP properly. I just get games off steam I guess for my PC and sometimes digital for Xbox? Haven't bought a lot of games lately.

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