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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How do you buy your games now?


How do you buy your games during the COVID19 pandemic?

Digital 292 37.15%
Delivery 192 24.43%
Online Pickup/Curbside Pickup 12 1.53%
Buy At The A Store 62 7.89%
Not Buying Anything Right Now Due to Backlog 153 19.47%
Not Interested In Anything At The Moment 57 7.25%
Other (yeah...I have no i... 18 2.29%

Depends on the game and situation. Digital, delivery and pickup are all on the table.

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Physical. Walmart and Target have both groceries and electronics, and I still gotta eat.

My backlog is big enough to keep me entertained for at least 6 month.
That and FF14 which feeds me with updates regulary.

The same way that i have been. Physical and delivered.

I'm not buying anything right now, but if I did I would get them delivered.
I always go for physical games when I have the option.

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I've been buying pretty much exclusively digital all gen, so in that regard, the virus hasn't really made any impact on me.

99% since 2010.

100% since May 2015.

Last physical game I bought was Disney Infinity 2.0 for PS Vita.

Would consider going Physical again if they offered a digital code with physical games like the Movie industry, but I am not going to limit the accessibility of my collection to the one disc that is in the system.

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If I did buy, it would be digital on PC, and mostly physical on consoles, which I'd get delivered home, but I'm not planning on buying games any time soon at the moment. My backlog could easily get me through this whole year without any problems.

I haven't bought any games for awhile. But if I were to buy any soon I'd probably want old games, which means used games store!

My backlog is big enough to keep me going for another 5 years or more :/

The last physical game I bought was Death Stranding. I spend over 300 hours on that game.
I bought one more game after, Dreams, digital edition since it's all digital anyway. Dreams alone is enough never to need any new games anymore...