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NightlyPoe said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

I'm serious though. It doesn't make any sense to advertise or do anything to push sales, when you can't keep up with the demand you already have. I'm sure sales will dip below 300K a week by Jan 2021

I feel like I'm stating the obvious, but money from software sales count.  Software is where the real money is after all.  Goosing hardware sales for a couple weeks in March is nice and all, but ignoring the supercharged sales environment an entire holiday cycle for it is a rather self-destructive strategy that could potentially cost Nintendo $100s of millions.

If Feb-May 2021 has 0 to 1 big new titles from Nintendo, that's when I'll start to worry.

So, we're officially lowering the bar to Nintendo releasing a single big title over the next 10 months to when we can start to worry?

Oof. You're right. Can I take that post back?

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true. 


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mZuzek said:
Stellar_Fungk said:
I’m a real gamer, so I will always have something to play on the Switch. You should be the same.

Well said, real gamer.

Thank you, man. You’ve been growing lately in my eyes. Btw, my original post was not serious. We are all gamers. <3

Wman1996 said:

What if you've played hundreds of games in your life on over a dozen different consoles? That would certainly reduce some of the third-party possibilities on Switch. And some people would rather drop $60 on one exciting new game to play than buying cheaper games just to have something to play. 

And even if Switch has plenty of quality first and third-party games, there's a ton of bloat and shovelware. 

What? I’m havin fun with my Switch. My original post was a joke. I’m playin Xenoblade right now. I’m talkin to lots of different people in colony 9 and killin monsters. One guy even makes curry.

Hope you guys are happy now :P

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Pikmin 3 Deluxe coming October 30!!

$60?! Is Nintendo nuts for such an old game?

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trunkswd said:
$60?! Is Nintendo nuts for such an old game?

No, they're not. Pikmin is worth more than 60 dollars, they're being generous. 

3 months of nothing ahead and then it will be broken by a $60 WiiU Port. A lot of people are happy for Pikmin 3 I guess, but a lot of people also won't be if there's nothing else between now and October 30th.

Pikmin ? Wow they are even running out of wiiu games.
Nintendo has no shame releasing an 8 year old game at full price, nioh 2 came out a few months ago and can be found at 30$, but I guess nintendo fans will still buy it so I wouldn’t mind if I worked for nintendo.