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Forums - General Discussion - How do I lose belly fat?

JWeinCom said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Either way it sounds like your waist size will decrease with more weight loss.

My advice is reduce your body fat with diet, high protein for muscle mass and exercise.

I didn't take much protein in the past so I looked more gaunt in comparison at the same weight.

Think you're talking to the wrong person.

Heh, yeah. I did that response quick. Assumed it was the OP.

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Seriously though, like some have said, diet, exercise, and anything that works the abs. My brother had a bit of a gut and slowly worked at it, and while he never fully got rid of it, he made a huge improvement. Gotta just work with what you got sometimes.

ironmanDX said:
Seems as though the belly fat has decided it will come off last. Sometimes that's the way it is. You'll have to sacrifice those thighs unfortunately.

Are you female, by chance?

This is usually a man issue.
Fat distribution is differnt between a man and a woman.
Men usually store more on their belly area, while women spread it more around.

Lower that body fat %, it isn't easy. Will probably take years, but eventually it does happen if you stay consistent.

There is no such thing as losing localized fat. You only lose fat as a whole. You need to keep your caloric deficit and exercising, with time even the hardest one will go away, you may use ioimbina and similars that help lose fat (and when you have few left it will target the hardest ones).

Otherwise it may very well be excessive skin if you were very fat before.

For reference I gone from BF 25% to 10% and most of my fat was on the waist line, yes everything in my body had low fat but there. I lost about 31lb of fat and reduced about 38 inches on waist line. Took 6 months.

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There is no magic way to make the fat come off of one place and not another. However, working on your core, especially the abdominal muscles, can help you carry that belly fat a lot better. So, you may keep your general exercises the same, but add in whatever core exercises you like. A quick Google search will yield a massive array of things to do for this purpose.

Cardio is the only way to shift fat. You cant target fat, but what you can do is hit the ab workouts after cardio, this wont target belly fat, but will tone stomach muscles, combined with cardio and you will start to see abs. Add in squats to develope your thighs.

Signalstar said:

This with proper diet.  Simple as that.

The belly is about the last place your body takes fat from. after your fat reserves on arms, legs, face and chest are low, it will burn belly fat. Walking is good, but walking after working out is better. That's because if you're already somewhat tired, the body takes energy straight from the fat instead of short term muscle reserves.

And of course, make sure you're on a caloric deficit while eating mostly healthy stuff.

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