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Forums - General Discussion - Local German(on twitter) gets bored and tries to name all American states.

edit: I'm not the German. This is a copy of a tweet I found hilarious.

I would include the tweet but the tweet is an image. Which doesn't convert well when included as a tweet.  Haru_cchii. 1k comments, 7K retweets, 30K likes.

I'm not sure which part gets me more. All the Ohio. The kansas guesses. The side with the small ones. Labeling one as "square" or.. texas 2.

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Kansas? is popular.

you got a few of the easy ones right at least

It's globally in US ?

I would do terribly if asked to do the same.

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Weirdly Ohio is one of the few states I know the location of.

Always had a problem with the New England area

Oreo is nice.

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Mnementh said:
Oreo is nice.

Crème-filled even!

If this was any country other than the US I couldn't do as well. I might be ok at Canada, and maybe a bit of Mexico, but I would fail miserably at any other country. I wonder, probably wrongly, if the world knows more US states than Americans know of their states. I also wonder if California might be the most well known state in the world. Again, most of this is probably because of my western (and Californian) bias.