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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Sakurai: Smash Bros has too many Fire Emblem characters and sword users

No matter how people wants to slice it. Byleth is still a logical choice to include + having a moveset that goes beyond the typical sword user.

Actually, I'm kinda salty that they never included Alm or Celica from Echoes to be frank.

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Ultrashroomz said:
I bet none of you people actually played Byleth.

(not a big fan of him, but I've played worse characters)

To be fair, Byleth is pretty fun to play as, and is a character from a highly successful and deserving game. The same can't be said for Corrin, so I'm still blaming him/her.

The first step is acknowledging we have a problem. The next is Master Chief as the next Smash character.

Even Sakurai didn't want Byleth in Smash.

My problem with Fire Emblem in Smash Bros. is that despite the amount of characters we have, the franchise is so poorly represented as a whole.

Just by game counts, we have 3 characters from Awakening alone. Gaiden, Genealogy, Tharcia, Sacred Stones be fucked.

You have a ton of different types of weapons and classes, but all they can come up with is swords and swords with something else to compensate. Even worse when they don't fully commit to it with their existing characters. Ike can handle swords and axes, why can't he have a hammer on top of Ragnell.

For all the diversity of characters with this 20+ year old franchise, we get mostly pretty similar looking protagonists, in a franchise where sometimes not even they are the best representative or the most popular character. Heck Byleth is the third avatar we have from a series known for characters, their personalities and interactions.

Stages are all fairly generic and blend too much with each other, we have a coliseum from general FE on top of a coliseum from Awakening. Stages granted is not an issue exclusive to FE, but it applies.

I would be fine with 8 characters from FE if they actually managed to represent its legacy and diversity, as it is, is pretty poor.

About the too many sword users comment, is more so for me the fact that a lot are pretty similar in feel and aesthetic, because it doesn't help that we have 3 Links and multiple incarnations of Marth in these games, that overshadow the sword users that actually feel pretty different and unique.

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Echoes are the problem. They should have not included Lucina or Chrom.

Well, its his own fault, he should've checked this forum every now and then to know what do to next.

OTBWY said:
Echoes are the problem. They should have not included Lucina or Chrom.

From a competitive balancing point of view, I wholeheartedly agree. Lucina and Chrom are some seriously braindead bullshit.

Agree. I was just thinking a few days ago about why there are so many Fire Emblem characters. If they were to cut out the fluff in terms of fighters in future Smash games they could definitely chop out several from Fire Emblem.

OTBWY said:
Echoes are the problem. They should have not included Lucina or Chrom.

Or at least make them more unique. Lucina is just lady Marth and Chrom is just Roy with Ike's Up Special.