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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Exclusive new FPS built from the ground up for Wii: Conduit

This game tech demo looks amazing... I like what the second guy said: "Most Wii games look like crap..."

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Hey, does this make THIS Thread seem more valid???

if you watch the tech demo in high resolution is looks like shit

arsenalrc15 said:
if you watch the tech demo in high resolution is looks like shit

If you knew how tech demos worked, you would know it wasn't meant to look good. The textures were deliberately left out, so the focus would be solely on showing off the effects, like real-time shadows, dynamic lighting, and high grade bump mapping (not as detailed normal mapping, but that would have used too much memory)

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this game is early in development and it looks good, im buying this

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Since it's a FPS I personally won't play it but I think this is great what they are doing taking the Wii hardware serious like this and hope more 3rd party developers wake up and follow in these footsteps.

Bumping a great topic...

How many Wii-ers here are hungry for FPSs on Wii? Be honest! =]

The BuShA owns all! I actually enjoyed Medal of Honor Heroes 2, particularly fond of the way weapons work in it -- I just love tossing grenades. It had great controls and if they are copying them that is a good thing. Less enthusiastic about copying Metroid Prime 3, I find I have a habit of hoping when I play MP3 after playing MoH:H2, but they worked well also. If Conduit turns out to be decent I will buy it. Really the graphics are less important to me than if it is fun and has decent controls. It is great to see signs of further improvement in the library if they can just find a publisher.

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Vertigo; i'm a Wii-only owner. And i'm very hungry for more FPS games on the Wii. Simply because the wii-mote is AWESOME with fps type games(mp3 & moh2)!

This one looks good, i'm hoping for 4player split-screen and online, with loads of options.