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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Cyberpunk 2077 delayed until September 2020

I kind of don't get the logic of "good thing it's not coming out at the same time as game x". I mean, if you'd rather not play it till five months later, you could have just waited, and probably gotten it cheaper.

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So many games to play cant say I'm upset.

Also 5months delay isnt that big imo, the only reason why it feels that way is because it had a solid release date. Something something was obviously announced too early (I never trust release announcements that are made a year in advance)

If they said it had been delayed from spring to late summer, it wouldn't sound any different from 90% of game delays.

Keiji said:
They fear Cloud Strife :

Lmao no, if they did it would be a month not 5 months.

Also I doubt next gen has anything to do with it otherwise the release date would be Novemver.

Witcher 3 was originally slated for Summer 2014, then Feb 2015 and eventually got released May 2015.

How many delays have we got during the last 3 months?

I might just cancel my pre-order and wait for ps5 version

God bless You.

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They're trying to one up Square Enix delay of Final Fantasy 7 Remake with an even bigger delay with Cyberpunk 2077.

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Well Microsoft E3 just got better... I was debating if I should play Cyberpunk on Xbox one X or wait for Xbox Series X, CD Project red made the decision for me.

..... Then it'll get delayed to next year then delayed again and again, just stop announcing release dates untill the games gone gold ffs.

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Im actually really glad it got delayed. Now Doom Eternal will get a lot of focus and the exposure the game deserves. Before all these delays Doom had to contend with LOU 2, FF7 RE, Watch Dogs Legion, and Cyberpunk 2077. Doom is a big franchise but just not big enough to compete with some of these juggernauts. So Doom Eternal will greatly benefit from all these delays as well as Nioh 2 since its niche and would've been swamped by all these giants. Win Win for everyone

Keiji said:
They fear Cloud Strife :

You are gravely wrong. TloUP2, FF7R and CP all fears one almighty release