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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Game of the decade: 2000s (2000-2009)

I'll go with the most influential games of that decade IMO (no particular order):

- WoW
- Half-life 2
- Sims
- Wii Sports
- Halo
- CoD4

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JRPGfan said:
curl-6 said:

I think it's a fair pick even if it wouldn't be my own; Wii Sports was a cultural phenomenon, and while simplistic (or rather because of it) fantastic fun when played in a social context. There was something magic about playing it with my non-gamer parents and them sharing in the hobby I was so passionate about for the first time.

How many hours did you put into it? a game like FFXI Im sure I had like 500+ hours into.
Wii Sports was probably like 4 hours at most, and while it was fun at first it quickly lost its appeal.

It boggles my mind, anyone would pick it for a game of the decate debate.

I'd put wii sporta up there for the reason of removing the anti social reputation gaming had before that, wii sports as flawed as it is made gaming cool

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GTA3 as it had the biggest impact on the industry.


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My Top 5 in no particular order:

Counter Strike
Half Life 2
Elder Scrolls
Animal Crossing

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Super Mario Galaxy

For me...

#1: Resident Evil 4

The pinnacle of video games as a medium in my opinion. From it's pulse-pounding action, to its perfect pacing, to its incredible boss fights, to its atmosphere and audio-visual design, it's simply a masterpiece in every way.

#2: Super Mario Galaxy

The perfect blend of insanely polished gameplay and pure childlike wonder. It's like they distilled happiness into video game form.

#3 Bioshock

A tour de force in atmosphere and storytelling, set in an unforgettable world and galvanized by its superb plasmid-powered combat.

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Edit - wrong damn decade xD

OK, the 2000s - it's Diablo II for me. The game I played and loved the most during that period without question. I was probably genuinely addicted to it for several years.

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Tales of Symphonia BAYBEEEEEEH

The perfectest of RPGs, the bestest characters with the bestest story.

Both a very important game for me growing up and one that I give some time to replay whenever I can, just to reconfirm to myself that this is for me, at the top of the genre.

The whole experience still makes me feel the same emotions as that first time, if not stronger at times, its pacing, level design, the sheer fun of the combat system, simple yet effective, its artstyle, memorable soundtrack and excellent dub that no other JRPG can even come close to compare, is just a really excellent game.