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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony to skip E3 again in 2020



No Sony, No E3. 16 17.20%
No Sony, yes E3. 30 32.26%
E3 is dead. 14 15.05%
E3 doesn't need it. 13 13.98%
E3 sucks anyway. 2 2.15%
PSX please! 8 8.60%
State of Play is the superior format. 2 2.15%
PS5 cancelled confirmed. 4 4.30%
But LoD will be there, right? 2 2.15%
Don't have an opinion, but love polls. 2 2.15%

Btw, EA also decided to skip having a conference last year. And I believe that was the first time they didn't have one in the past 10+ years or something?
So it'll be interesting to see if they're doing it this year.

jason1637 said:

How could it have been empty last year? Wasn't attendance just slightly down compared to 2018. Maybe it was empty the time he was there or something. 

Edit: MS had all their game in their own Ms theater a block away from the main E3 building so a lot of people could have been split between both buildings.  You needed E3 passes for the MS theater so that was probably counted as attendees.

I don't know, but I heard Easy Allies were annoyed at having to go between different venues back and forth. Especially in that heat. And they had trouble getting in at times, or making it over there in time, iirc.

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What makes this more interesting is that Sony is part of ESA. 
They're essentially skipping their own event, that they are invested in.

Hmm not a fan of the move, I wonder what they are really hiding here, maybe they are trying to push there competitors to reveal info at the show while they remain quiet and are not forced by the E3 dead line?
It was good seeing all of them pushing the industry forward at E3. Oh well, E3 will go on.

I'm very happy that they decide to not participate. E3 doesn't need them right now at all. I'm sick of Sony announces of new games , that will come at the end of the generation. They can reveal the new hardware somewhere else.

I don’t see why you wouldn’t go. Why wouldn’t you want another chance to show off the product you’re hoping to sell, even if you’re going to host your own thing. Isn’t showing it off more better than showing it off less? What harm could possibly come from attending E3?

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NightlyPoe said:
Honestly, I don't get this. What good comes from not showing your stuff while the world is focused on your industry? Even if E3 isn't as central as it used to be, it's still better than some random Thursday in August or whatever.

Now that Sony's imitating the Nintendo Direct with their whole State of Play, it's not like they have to waste money on awkward presentations anymore.

Why get lost in a storm of E3 news when you can have all eyes on you during your own conference in Feb/March/April?

Either way we know Sony is not waiting til June to reveal the PS5 so they might as well have a full blowout in Q1 as opposed to curating content specifically for E3 and holding back on the reveal. Third Party wise PS5 games will be st E3 and all other events, so I dont see any major loss for them.

shikamaru317 said:
twintail said:

People said similar things last year and it didn't change Microsoft's conference much imho 

They definitely had more 3rd parties on their stage last year thanks to Sony skipping E3, I think they had 10+ AA and AAA 3rd parties at their conference, including Elden Ring, Cyberpunk, Borderlands 3, and Dying Light 2. 

There is alot that they can do to take advantage of Sony's absence, if they chose to. 

I shorted the quote just to address this stuff.i think the rest of what you said does make some sense, from what I read.

As for the games they showed, in 2018 it was Sekiro, Fallout 76, captain spirit, metro exodus, KH3, division 2, Session, Tomb Raider, DMC5, Jump Force, Dying Light 2, Just Cause 4, Cyberpunk.

This also included all those acquisition news and first mention of the new Xbox.

MS always shows off a lot of 3rd party software. Sony not being there is not going to change anything unless the publishers have no where else to show off the game. 

If the timing is right, and if they believe the exposure will still be there, publishers can still easily go with whatever Sony choose to do.

The_Liquid_Laser said:
twintail said:

People said similar things last year and it didn't change Microsoft's conference much imho 

None of the big 3 launched a console last year either.  Timing matters.

As long as they keep themselves in the news cycle they'll be fine tbqh. No conferences last year and a lot of media attention from a non gaming event shows they don't have to be there. 

Besides, we don't know what their alternative plans are yet. 

E3 is like Christmas, love to hang out with the Easy allies and fans. Sony skipping again is a shame.

Hiku said:

Last year there were reports from ESA employees about confusion and uncertainty of E3's future after 2021, due to restructuring within the organisation and the companies that own ESA, among other things. Plans for ESA's visions of E3 2020 leaked as well.

I talked about this a few days ago in the other thread. Sony having disagreements with ESA's new directions was being talked about about last year.
But I don't think it was talked about here, because whenever I read comments from people about Sony skipping last year, the common reply was "They're skipping because it's a transitional year and they have nothing to show."

But they and other platform holders have been through tons of transitional years before. That was probably not the reason.

The fact that they can save a lot of money while reaching a similar audience probably started looking more and more reasonable around that time.

jason1637 said:

It's not a dying show though. Attendance has remained consistent and viewership has been up.

Jason Schreier said it was half-empty last year.

But even if it was jam packed full, attendance and viewers may very well not be enough to cover the costs of putting on the event.
The leaked 2020 brainstorming plans to have 10,000 more fans attend, among other things, suggests they may be considering drastic changes.

Yeah I don't think it was discussed much here indeed.

People here don't seem to have the full picture to make their point over the subject, sadly, E3 has been going through a lot, and losing Sony is certainly a major blow to them.

I'm not very happy with Sony's State of Play personally, so I hope they do hold a conference of their own mid year (might be August) because PSX looked great but the timing to match the PlayStation anniversary is pretty bad to make announcement (right after Black Friday has just happened).

I like those kind of events, so I don't want them to stop, so if E3 is not going to be the "one an all" event anymore, I want some replacement.

It doesn't need to have the same date every year, they can hold it when they think it would be best for that year so they are not bound to fixed schedules, but they should still do something.

No E3 and no PSX last year was really sad, to be honest.

So now two of the big three don't have their conferences at E3 anymore, with Sony not even attending at all. EA also have their conference at their own event.

Microsoft and Ubisoft are really the only two big players that have their conference at E3. Wonder how long that'll last.