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Forums - Sales Discussion - When will Switch pass Wii?


When will Switch pass Wii?

Holiday 2021 4 3.20%
Early 2022 8 6.40%
Mid 2022 13 10.40%
Holiday 2022 33 26.40%
Early 2023 15 12.00%
Mid 2023 10 8.00%
Holiday 2023 15 12.00%
2024 or later 5 4.00%
Never 22 17.60%

What's with all the Will Smith threads lately?

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Sometimes 2023 right?

Q4 2022, I'd say.

d21lewis said:
What's with all the Will Smith threads lately?

They beat the will smash threads

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d21lewis said:
What's with all the Will Smith threads lately?

LMAO that's what i thought but it's fun so don't ruin them, i'm waiting for the "when Switch will pass the PS2"

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RolStoppable said:
November 2022.

Agreed, exactly what I was gonna say. Unless sales trends change unexpectedly for the Switch it should be close to Nov 2022.

2020 should get it over 70 million. 2021 will get it to 90 million or just under. So it should certainly easily take out the Wii in 2022, but it'll probably take most of the year to go from 90 to 100 million. Won't pass Wii until the big holiday weeks start, but since it should easily pass the Wii that year it'll be near the beginning of that holiday period. So I'm gonna narrow it to black friday week 2022.

Just name it when the switch will reach 100M, I am betting sometime in 2022.

October or November 2022 would be my guess.

I think it will take 3 more years at least. I may be wrong and would be happy to see it happen sooner. I would be unpleasantly surprised if it does not.


Nu-13 said:

My guess is early 2022. It should be just a little under the wii by the end of 2021.

So over 50 million in the next two years? That seems a bit far fetched.

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