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Forums - Sony Discussion - Outlandish Rumor: Sony is in talks to purchase Zenimax and all owned studios

Bandorr said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

Woah bro, all caps? 

Where was the outrage over Street Fighter, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part One, Final Fantasy whatever number the newest one is, Destiny, Avengers, Deathloop, Kena, Ghostwire, Godfall, Predator Hunting Grounds, etc etc etc? You don’t need to rely on hypothetical abundance of outrage when we have a real life lack of it in similar situations. 

And I’m talking real, widespread outrage. You can find manchildren raging on Youtube about every decision every company makes. Most recently Minecraft guy in Smash.

Here is the best part of this. I can respond to this post - using your own post from this very thread. Fantastic when that happens.

Lets see Street Fighter falls under "buy a huge company that is in no financial stress whatsoever". IE capcom had finical issues and couldn't make street fighter with out it.

And well everything else you listed falls under "temporary exclusives" right along side Yazuka 7, The Medium and a couple other things.

Oh and "outrage"

where is THAT outrage?

Where is "Would be a bad move for gamers and the industry. At least with the other studios being bought recently, there was already a great almost de facto standard working situation like Insomniac or Playground, or it was a developer clearly in need of financial relief like Ninja Theory or Double Fine."

I already corrected someone else on this, read the thread. And there’s no outrage in the post you linked? And it’s unrelated to every game I listed? You’re grasping at straws here. Let me break it down simple like so you don’t need to make gargantuan reaches:

Person 1: oh man if Sony bought this company xbots would be so outraged we’d be seeing all caps! it would be full panic!

Me: well here’s all this exclusive stuff that has happened in the past and we saw no outrage, why would we see it now? 

Hope that helps.

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i love how those guys wanna start something over a potential outrage

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Cerebralbore101 said:
shikamaru317 said:

Well of course. Xbox is an open ecosystem, because of that Zenimax's games will be on PC and xCloud as well as Xbox, so there are more options for Sony fans to still play Zenimax games day one if MS decides to not allow them on PS5. Sony on the other hand would have locked those games to PS5, possibly not even allowing day one PC releases for them, which would have had both Xbox and PC gamers furious (PC is Bethesda's largest fanbase, not Xbox, with a massive modding community for their games). 

There is also the fact that Bethesda (and id and Arkane) have past history with Xbox, Bethesda Softworks has always been associated with Xbox as a result of that, so of course Xbox fans would have been furious if Sony hatted a formerly Xbox associated publisher away from Xbox. Sony acquiring Bethesda and then making their games PS5 exclusive would have been roughly equivalent to MS acquiring Insomniac, Quantic Dream, and Housemarque, and then locking them all off from releasing on PS5, Sony fans would go nuclear if that had happened.

What? Bethesda has published all their games to Sony platforms for about 14 years now. How in the world is that equivalent to MS purchasing Insomniac (a studio which almost never released games on Xbox)?

Even if Sony had simply locked Bethesda games out of Xbox, while still allowing them on PC, Xbox fans would have blown a gasket. There would have been several posts in all caps. I've yet to see any all caps posts from Playstation users.

Clearly you didn’t look at Twitter when this was fresh. Otherwise when it comes down to Bethesda vs Insomniac, it doesn’t matter what games they made beforehand and where they ended up. Quite simply your logic boils down to: because Bethesda is more multiplat then Insomniac it’s simply “not fair”. I say tuff luck. 

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Seriously why is this thread getting attention? It was bumped, people laughed at how wrong and ironic the prediction was. Let’s move on, go back to the Xbox Bethesda thread.

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Cerebralbore101 said:
Imagine the utter rage and meltdowns of Xbox fans if Sony had actually bought Bethesda. Lol we'd be seeing posts in all caps left and right. Meanwhile the opposite has happened and PS users seem to be taking it in stride. Perhaps that will change if MS makes Bethesda games exclusive, but I don't see MS doing that.

Sorry, but no. I've seen a lot of butthurt from Sony fans all over. I've read comments saying, MS is ruining the game industry/MS is trying to make a monopoly/ Bethesda sucks anyways/or simply in denial games may be only on Xbox/PC.