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JRPGfan said:

Thats waaay to big a buy isnt it?

That said, I'd love to see Sony take over Bethesda Game Studios.

Sometimes new management is all thats needed, to get things back on track,
and I suspect Bethesda is one of those companys that could benefit from it.

Elder Scrolls Online + Fallout 76 = garbage.

Bethasda has lost its way.

Its too focused on all the wrong things, way to focused on penny pinching, and exploiting consumers.
Sony takeing over, and new engine + a belief in single player focused gameing, and not screwing over consumers.
Suddenly Elderscrolls is back and Fallout too, as their ment to be.

No offense but what is this nonsense? For starters, Bethesda didn't make ESO. Secondly as shitty as Fallout 76 is, it shouldn't outweigh all the other stuff not only Bethesda as a studio has done but the Bethesda publishing brand has done amazing work this gen. For a forum and user who constantly complains about the online aspect of modern publishing, you'd really "love" to see Sony buy a huge company that is in no financial stress whatsoever? A company who makes tons of great single player games? Seems to be conflicting messages. Or is it ok so long as they're exclusive to Playstation?

Quake Champions
Rage 2
Doom Eternal
Five Wolfenstein games
Dishonored 2
Evil Within 1 and 2

Among others I'm probably missing. All quality games with meaty SP and no forced MP or "screwing over consumers". Well except Quake, obviously. It's MP.

But you'd "love" to see this all walled off and only available to PS users? Fucking yikes. Would be a bad move for gamers and the industry. At least with the other studios being bought recently, there was already a great almost de facto standard working situation like Insomniac or Playground, or it was a developer clearly in need of financial relief like Ninja Theory or Double Fine.