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Forums - Movies Discussion - The Netflix cut of The Irish man was a terrible mistake.



Like the Netflix cut 1 16.67%
I hate the Netflix cut 1 16.67%
I'm okay with it. 4 66.67%
The film is trash regardless. 0 0%
Other, comments. 0 0%

I enjoyed it, but I agree it's too long. They should have just turned it into a miniseries tbh, but I'm sure that wouldn't have gone over well with Scorsese

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John2290 said:

Anyone else watching The Irishman on Netflix and do you hate this or like this? 

Watched it the other night. Not my favorite gangster or Scorsese film, but still solid. These lengthy sagas are just how he likes to operate. You probably could trim an hour off if you really wanted to but 3.5 isn't inappropriate for a good movie chronicling someone's life story.

I mean, I've always considered 2.25 hours to be the ideal length for a movie knowadays. So when I see a blockbuster flick being + 3 hours, I often wince at it cuz at I don't like to be in such a passive position for so long.

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There is no cinema cut or Netflix cut. They are the same film and the same length. I watched the whole thing in one sitting at the theater the other day. I loved it.

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It's Netflix, it remembers where you are (the convenience of a vhs tape lol), you can take as long as you want...

I usually don't watch movies on Netflix since I have to find a new one to watch a few days later. I rarely watch more than 40 minutes at a time, this movie will last me a week without having to choose something else :)

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I've watched two-thirds of it now more or less, in two sessions. I agree it's too long for one. It's as long as The Two Towers, but unlike this one the LotR movie has multiple storylines, so it keeps your interest while The Irishman is also interesting as a whole, it is also too slow to keep that interest for a long time.

I watched it yesterday on Netflix. It's a great movie and I'm glad I watched it, but it's probably not a movie I will watch again. They could've cut it like 40 minutes out of it and still be a great film.

John2290 said:

I'm half way through and I want to fall asleep when I try to get back into it. There is a really solid film under there but good lord I wish Netflix published the Cinema edit. What were they thinking? I'm really enjoy parts of it but god damn I can't sit through another hour and 20 minutes of this.

Anyone else watching The Irishman on Netflix and do you hate this or like this? 

Can't really agree or disagree since I haven't seen it yet.

So all I can say is this: If you find it too long, it means you don't really like it. When I like something, a show or a movie, REALLY like it, it's actually always too short. I LOOOOVE Rick and Morty, well seasons feel too short, not enough episodes per season etc.

I LOOOOOVE The Lord of the Ring so naturally I have the extended cut Blurays, about 11hours long and I won't say it's too short but when I get to the end of it I'm like, oh, already the end?

On the other hand, I once watched some very boring and stupid movie whose name I can't remember and this movie lasted 1h20 only, pretty short you must think, well I thought I would never see the end of it, it was waaaaaay tooooo looooong.

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