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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - When it comes to features, Nintendo is annoyingly ADD

I agree, the Switch is a massive let down for me due to the lack of all of these functions. I barley pick the thing up between massive games, because it offers nothing to do.

However, Nintendo is not alone in this. Sony are just as guilty. PS3 was a much more complete system than PS4. The only issue with PS3 was the lack of memory which made it slower to swap between apps, and use apps with a game running in the background.

The only company that has actually improved the overall feature set of their platform this generation is Microsoft. The XBO is basically the successor to the PS3 in that regard.

The appeal of consoles and handhelds for me has always been their ability to play games, and be a one stop device for all my Entertainment and Productivity needs. Sadly the market seems to be moving away from this, and pushing user in the direction of buying multiple devices to achieve the same functionality.

In many ways I feel like we have begun to loop back in technology. From 2000 - 2010, it was this amazing convergence of devices being combine into a single home and mobile device that covered everything you need. From 2010 - 2020, we have seemingly went the opposite direct, where now instead of having a single console that can do everything people need, instead they need a seperate speaker for a voice assistant, and a seperate camera for video chatting, and a seperate set top box for streaming. On the Mobile side, instead of having a single Handheld that handhelds everything on the go and at home, now people need a handheld for gaming, a smartphone for on the go, and a tablet while they are at home.

I really hope that with the next generation of Consoles and Handhelds that we get back to them being a one stop device, that continues to add features and value throught the generation. There is no reason PS5, XB4, and Switch 2 should not build upon what the current devices are doing.

In the end of the day, I don't want to see consoles fall to unsustainable levels as lesser devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Set Top Boxes, and Smart TVs become the be all end all. It is up to us as gamers to support these Gaming first devices, and utilize them for our non gaming needs. If we don't it will be our own fault when streaming, and non gaming devices overrun our medium.

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The only feature I really miss on the Switch is the activity log. Miiverse was fun, but mostly for the memes, and I can understand it being too much of a hustle for Nintendo to keep around after the bad apples appeared. As long as my videogame console plays games, I'm not too mad about non-gaming features.

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d21lewis said:
I just miss having a browser.

I was actually thinking of making a similar thread a few days ago about technology/features that need a second chance (PlayStation Home, Miiverse, Kinect).

Yea, I would definitely like a second PS Home. Is was fun to mess around on there for a few hours. It was pretty detailed, too, for what was basically an online chat with a few games. We need a PS Home 2 with VR support.

I do remember hearing about some 3rd parties making PS Home replacements for the PS4, but not sure what came of them.

I dont mind since I dont care much for most of these except maybe the Virtual Console. I absolutely loved that feature in the WiiU. Got all 3 DKC, Breath of Fire, Demons Crest, Super Metroid and bunch more. I assumed the Switch would have it, since all those nes/snes/n64 games would be great to play on the go (finally portabilty would be worth something) but nein. Missed chance I guess.

The lack of StreetPass was a head-scratcher.

The Wii Channels I miss a lot too. The Nintendo Channel was the basis for the Switch News Channel, so they still live on in that way. The channels were something that gave the Wii a lot of character, and I wish they built on the news and weather channels.

The EShop is also there, BUT, I really miss VC Thursday (or whatever day of the week it was). The Virtual Console on Wii is still the best version of Nintendo's catalogue releases, IMO. I wish the thing carried over, it's a little crappy that it didn't. I miss all those RPGs. I mean, the Switch has a tremendous lineup now, but I like to go back to play the older classics. I suppose eventually the eShop will get most or all of the classics, we're starting to get all the DQ games on Switch, which is awesome! Now FF1-6 need to come, who'd have ever thought we'd have 7-12 on a Nintendo console, but NOT 1-6? Madness!

I think the other features were cool, but they weren't as important to me as the Virtual Console, Wii Channels, and Street Pass.

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Miiverse was great, it sucks they got rid of it.

Activity log was always great, it sucks it's now only passable

It really sucks we lost out on the internet browser and some how still dont have folders.

Overall, the addition of new features for the Switch has been incredibly slow and very disappointing. I'm not sure why they are not able to do better than they are. No system level text communication is lame.


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Yeah, that's one thing that's somewhat bugged me about Nintendo. For as much as they're about quality games, they sure seem to be about quantity vs quality and longevity with peripherals and new features. It's like, often times they'll come up with a cool idea, then just move onto the next thing rather than fleshing out that original idea with a more elaborate fully-fledged game. 


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Did they get Netflix in Switch yet? I cannot believe that a system in 2017 launched without that basic feature.

Hot take: Miiverse was garbage.

But yeah, while not a deal breaker for me, the lack of features like StreetPass, folders, a proper activity log, and an internet browser are still a head-scratcher for me.

That's a list of features that I can easily do without. I can't imagine any of them were close to popular enough to be considered essential, hence why they were dropped and the time was spent on other things instead.

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