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COKTOE said:
KBG29 said:

First off, responding to both of you. Not everyone that wants a high end gaming experience wants the PC experience. There are millions out there that will spend PC prices for the user experience of a console. Having a Unified Controller, Store, Online Network, and Trophy system, amoung other things across all Games, Software, and Services is a big draw for a lot of people. 

shikamaru317, you are correct that the base model needs to hold its own, and that is why this would work over what Microsoft was rumored to be planning. In this case the $499.99 Base PS4 would be a perfectly suitable console for 90% of PlayStation fans. The Pro would be best sold at an massive Premium like we see with Enthusiast level TVs, Recievers, Phones, Speakers, etc., most consumers buy low or mid range products, the enthusiasts are the only ones that buy the high margin products.

I wouldn't hazard a guess as to the size of this potential audience, but I'm one of them to be sure.

I wonder though, if having a super-premium enthusiast model for a console, would engender a sense of frustration among those who have the vanilla version. I think there's something to be said about maintaining a state of equalibrium among a fan base.

There are pluses and minuses to both single unit and a multi tiered launch. It all partially depends on what MS is going to do. They say no more lower tier next gen console, but MS literally does the opposite of what their saying within days sometimes now, so. If both do it, it will just become the new norm, aside from unexpectedly low sales for one model over the years.

To make this specific enthusiast model really work, I think in a two model launch, you need pricing more like $399 and $749 for consoles. This way you won't have many early adopters upset that they can't afford either. That scenario would likely cause a lot of outrage and wouldn't be good PR for PS, especially that early on.

At $399, you get a very similar reaction to PS4's price unveiling. $749 will be enough that most $499 gamers and under won't really care as long as the $399 model is basically another upgrade over PS4 Pro, or better, with a few worthy additions. The $599 and $699 gamers will be the ones who need to decide what they want to do, but they aren't that big a crowd so they shouldn't make too much noise even if some of them aren't happy about the enthusiast model pricing.

This also would help to keep the performance gap closer. The larger the performance gap, the larger the concerns when it comes to how devs will handle that with their games. At the same time, the performance gap has to be high enough to be considered enthusiast worthy. $750 should be enough for most. The enthusiast model also doesn't have to be all performance extra's. There's plenty of media related items and more that can be added in, that your typical gamer isn't going to care about in the $399 model.

If MS were to launch just one $499 model, because I can't see them going higher and lower is highly unlikely if it's going to be a monster eater, yet PS launches two like stated here, as long as they can control and handle the proper implementation when it comes to the games, XB1 will look like a strong launch in comparison to how Scarlett fares.

I tend to think PS would try and go with a $399 and $599 approach if they were going to launch two reasonably different models, but it's hard to say whether they would take the chance on two regardless, other than storage space possibly. For me, two different performance models would be intriguing nonetheless.

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Would be a dangerous precedent for consoles. First this and suddenly there will be options menus within games. Slippery slope.

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KBG29 said:

It is not that hard to sell this. If they price it right, they will put it out of the mind of the 90% of the audience. That is how every other product works. You offer improvements that matter to the 10%, and price it in a range that the 90% don't see the value in the minor improvements, and won't even take a second look. If the Pro is priced high enough, the focus will be around excitement for the Base PS5, while only the enthusiast gamers will even pay attention to the Pro.

Additionally, again, if they played this move correct, the Pro would be sold at a healthy profit margin. PS5 Base may cost $450 and sell for $499.99, while PS5 Pro would be something like $850 to build, and sell for $999.99. That is how business works with Enthusiast level products, with low sales volumes. This also gives them breathing room if they overestimate the demand for such a unit. If all goes well the make good profits on each one, if they are not selling what they produce, there is plenty of room to drop the price, and continue to profit on the unit, and spur more interest.

As for tech advanacing. That is always the case. The person going in to spend $999.99 on a console day one, or $10,000 on a Television, knows that in 2 or 3 years, a product that outperforms what they are buying will be available for less than what they are paying today. That is not an issue for this demographic. These are the people that will by the PS5 Pro X or whatever in 2023 that is another $999.99 investment. Why, because it offers the absolute best in console gaming, and they want to have the cutting edge experience.

I wouldn't say this is very convincing. Comparing it to TVs doesn't make sense when you consider that TV's having varying models has been part of that industry (and many others) for many many years. Consoles have always been a 1 item affair with redesigns through the gen.

TV's also don't have gens, and are updated on a yearly schedule. This is not true of the gaming industry. Likewise, each TV also has various sizes within it's own line, meaning that buyers have a lot of flexibility available to them. It's not as simple as "here's a $5000 model and here's a better $10000 model". There are different ranges, and different price points within those ranges. 

you are proposing just 2 consoles which limits flexibility incredibly. 

i also doubt that the focus will never be on what makes the 2 different, and whether those differences will impact the base ps5. Also, I just don't see the market for a $999 console.

This would be fine by me. Could go straight for the Pro without ending up with a superfluous console in my hands at some point.
Unless they go and do a Super Pro later, dang it..

I prefer they follow this gen's model. Make the launch as simple as possible with just one model. Then, 3 years later you can launch a Pro version that can be priced the same as the launch model was, basically just doubling up on the GPU. If they do it at launch it will be really expensive and not be the 1/3 step the Pro was, instead being more like a 1/6th to next gen. You also can't implement some features from the newer GPUs coming out 3-4 years from now.

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I'm not against it. But usually I rarely buy any consoles at launch so doesn't really affect me for the time being.

Xxain said:
I actually brought this up when the current Pro came out. I think it's a good idea because we get the choice from the get go without the burden of having to retire a perfectly fine 400+ dollar console early. Were not 2008, customer confusion due to a supposed base and Pro model is a non issue thanks to smartphone knowledge. Consumers are much wiser and informed than they were 10 years ago.

For $100 - $150 more at launch, it won't be the equivalent of the leap that the midgen refresh models provided.

So in that regard, if they do this, it's quite possible there will still be another PS5 'Pro' a few years after release.

I'm going to say that this is nothing new. Multiple models have been offered since the PS3 days. I will also say that for those of you who think this means there won't be a mid-gen upgrade, don't count on it. If Sony can get early adopters and the first 20 million customers or so to double down for slightly enhanced tweaks they certainly will.

With this logic, maybe they should just release the PS5 and PS6 at the same time. The point of a mid-gen upgrade is because a console becomes less powerful relative to current tech as time goes on. The PS4 Pro would not have been reasonable at the time the PS4 launched.

It would be a huge mistake IMO. It makes some sense logically to offer a more powerful system for those who want it, but the problem is it will instantly be labeled as the better system and it will be like the PS3 price issue all over again (although this time without all the other hindrances like Cell being hard to develop for).

If the console makers are going to do the whole Pro model, do it mid-gen or 3 years down the road where the hardware in the PC market evolves enough to offer better performance on the GPU side, at a price to manufacture similar to the original manufacturing cost of the original model at launch.

The Pro consoles are going to be less necessary since the current consoles were CPU bound, but the leap in GPU performance allowed for performance mode. The new consoles will have CPUs that don't limit fps and therefore the Pro consoles will only benefit from higher resolutions in most games, and maybe mid/high in 3rd party games vs. high/ultra for the Pro consoles.