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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Mario games are more similar to 3D World?


What Mario games are more similar to 3D World?

2D Mario games like SMB3, SM World, and NSMB 20 57.14%
The Galaxy series 10 28.57%
Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Odyssey 0 0%
Other 5 14.29%

It's a simple question. I just wanted to take a poll on it. 

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3D Land and 3D World is a third pillar in the Mario Platforming series.

Super Mario Bros (SMB 1/2/3, NSMB Series, SMW)

Super Mario Bros 3D (3D Land/3D World)

Super Mario (64, Sunshine, Galaxy, Odyssey)

From a design perspective I'd definitely say 3D Land/World have more in common with the SMB series than the other poll options. They're basically just SMB games but you can go in two more directions. They have the map, the flag pole, the castles and halfway bosses, Ghost houses... levels are named 4-4 etc... Also the 4 player coop on the console versions is the same as NSMB.

Everything about them except the 3d plane is SMB.

Powerups also play a much bigger role and act in the same way in SMB and 3D Land/World compared to the others.

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The 3D series is more similar to the 2D games than Galaxy overall

... not that the opposite was ever my point though.

3D is unique and not like any of the other Mario games, imho.  One of the reasons it is such a great game is because it has its own formula and gameplay.

And without a doubt 3D World is better than  odyssey.  Far more thoughtful in terms of level design and power ups.

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Chrkeller said:

And without a doubt 3D World is better than  odyssey.

Ew. Odyssey is the greatest 3d platformer ever made.

3D world is good, but damn.

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Odyssey was good, but overrated for me. I like galaxy, 3D and 64 all better than odyssey. The problems with odyssey:

1) awful camera

2) far too many moons are just lazy and not integrated into the level

3) the outfits are not meaningful and only serve as a means to make the game appear longer than it is via arbitrary collection

Greatest 3D platformer ever goes to Mario Galaxy without even a second thought.  The creativity and level design are fantastic. 

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I loved this game so much. Super Mario 3D World is massively unsung.

Super Mario World is my favourite 2D Mario game of all time, I had got it alongside a SNES on Christmas in 1993 when I was 4 (as Mario All-Stars) and then on Christmas in 2013 (exactly 20 years later), I got a Wii U (Wind Waker edition) with Super Mario 3D world.

All the way through playing Super Mario 3D World I always felt like it was a spiritual 3D successor to Super Mario World for a few reasons-

  • The most noticeable similarity are that the names are similar - 'Super Mario World' and 'Super Mario 3D World'.
  • You can run around a world map in Super Mario 3D World in a similar same way to moving the camera around the world map with the X button (SNES) in Super Mario World.
  • Mario 3D World is 2.5D in certain parts of some levels. This clever level design could be a reference to Super Mario World on SNES.
  • They brought back a flag (although Mario Bros uses a flags, whereas Mario World used a moving platform instead).

But it does feel like an extension of Super Mario Galaxy (like Super Mario Galaxy 3).

The game seams like a mixture of elements from Mario Bros, Mario World & Mario Galaxy, but it makes me think of Super Mario World the most.

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more similar to the 2d games...still 3d Mario tho(my favorite one at that) you'll just have to accept that.

3D World is really a 3D Mario game but with "training wheels".  At the beginning it plays a lot like a 2D Mario, where all you really need to do is get to the flagpole at the end.  It's also multiplayer like the Wii 2D Mario.  But you can only get so far into the game just getting to the flagpole.  If you want to unlock the last several worlds then you need to go back and collect stars.  If you want to unlock Rosalina, then you need to collect enough stars.  It trains "flagpole Mario" fans to play "starfinder Mario" instead.  Also there's one more little detail, but I think this is important.  The game is actually in 3D.

Nintendo doesn't want to put serious effort into making a 2D Mario game anymore, so they tried their hardest to train their 2D Mario fans to like 3D Mario instead.  Super Mario 3D World is meant to be a bridge game to train 2D Mario fans to like 3D Mario.

They're kind of their own thing, but they're closer a bit to 2D Mario games.
2D Mario Games
Linear 3D Mario Games: Super Mario 3D Land, Super Mario 3D World
Semi-Linear 3D Mario Games: Super Mario Galaxy 1&2
Exploratory 3D Mario: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Odyssey
Most times I lump the Galaxy games with the most open 3D Mario games, but I can understand why they are a different category. I just don't get lumping 3D Land and 3D World with Galaxy and the most open 3D Marios.

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