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3D Land and 3D World is a third pillar in the Mario Platforming series.

Super Mario Bros (SMB 1/2/3, NSMB Series, SMW)

Super Mario Bros 3D (3D Land/3D World)

Super Mario (64, Sunshine, Galaxy, Odyssey)

From a design perspective I'd definitely say 3D Land/World have more in common with the SMB series than the other poll options. They're basically just SMB games but you can go in two more directions. They have the map, the flag pole, the castles and halfway bosses, Ghost houses... levels are named 4-4 etc... Also the 4 player coop on the console versions is the same as NSMB.

Everything about them except the 3d plane is SMB.

Powerups also play a much bigger role and act in the same way in SMB and 3D Land/World compared to the others.

Last edited by Barkley - on 08 September 2019