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I loved this game so much. Super Mario 3D World is massively unsung.

Super Mario World is my favourite 2D Mario game of all time, I had got it alongside a SNES on Christmas in 1993 when I was 4 (as Mario All-Stars) and then on Christmas in 2013 (exactly 20 years later), I got a Wii U (Wind Waker edition) with Super Mario 3D world.

All the way through playing Super Mario 3D World I always felt like it was a spiritual 3D successor to Super Mario World for a few reasons-

  • The most noticeable similarity are that the names are similar - 'Super Mario World' and 'Super Mario 3D World'.
  • You can run around a world map in Super Mario 3D World in a similar same way to moving the camera around the world map with the X button (SNES) in Super Mario World.
  • Mario 3D World is 2.5D in certain parts of some levels. This clever level design could be a reference to Super Mario World on SNES.
  • They brought back a flag (although Mario Bros uses a flags, whereas Mario World used a moving platform instead).

But it does feel like an extension of Super Mario Galaxy (like Super Mario Galaxy 3).

The game seams like a mixture of elements from Mario Bros, Mario World & Mario Galaxy, but it makes me think of Super Mario World the most.

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