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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best snow/ice/winter levels

curl-6 said:

As someone from a country where it basically never snows, ever, except on the tops of like 3 mountains for two months of year, snow's always been this exotic, magical thing to me. I didn't even see it in real life until I was 15. As such, I've always found snowy levels in games to have a certain fantastical charm.

What are your favourite examples of levels/worlds/stages/areas in games in the snow or ice template, and why?

Same reason I love desert levels :p

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The Snow levels in Croc Legends of the Gobbos will always have a special nostalgic place in my heart, in large part thanks to the music, which instantly takes me back to Grade 4 hanging out at my best mate's house:

DKC is also an unforgettable example, especially the first level of the snow world where the weather starts off fine and a blizzard gradually rolls in, such a wonderful atmosphere:

I also whole-heartedly second Freezeezy from Banjo Kazooie, and Snowpeak Ruins from Twilight Princess.

I feel the winter section of Click-Clock Wood from Banjo Kazooie also deserves a mention, after getting to know the place and its inhabitants through all the seasons, seeing it frozen over and mostly dead in the final segment was really melancholy and poignant.

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mZuzek said:
Ka-pi96 said:
Snowpoint City and the routes around it in Pokemon Platinum.

I just really liked that area, it looked awesome to walk around in and I just generally love snowy places in games too

Came here to say it's hard to associate the word "best" with "snow/ice levels", and you reminded me exactly why. How someone can actually enjoy that part of the game is well beyond me, that stuff is disgustingly tedious.

I suppose the sixth world in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze would be my favorite. Kamui from Okami is a good mention too, but that area stands out mostly for the story and soundtrack, the gameplay is definitely made more annoying by the ice.

But snow looks great! And ice pokemon are really cool! How can you not like snowy/icy areas in the pokemon games?

NathanSSSS said:

Weird, no one mentioned Days Gone? Snow is actually a pretty shiny feature in that game.

That looks pretty awesome!

I really need to buy and play that game sometime soon!

Uncharted 2 comes to mind first.

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Metroid Prime and Halo had some really cool snow levels.
I would go with Donkey Kong Country 1 snow levels. The music and atmosphere was 10/10 in its day.
Also the snow level in Banjo Kazooie and Tooie are always entertaining.

Chazore said:

Witcher 3:

Nice, this makes me even more pumped for Witcher 3. :D

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The Valak Mountain in Xenoblade Chronicles 1 is amazing.

Freezeezy Peak - Banjo Kazooie, mostly because of the music but also because I never played any other level that was able to hype me up for christmas more than this one.

Phendrana Rifts - Metroid Prime, excellent music, but also nice visual design. You could almost see and feel how cold it is.

5-4 Frosty Fruits - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, because this is the first ice level in the game and the first time that we see why the enemies captured all the fruits, to turn them into giant popsicles. It's brilliant. Also because it features an amazing remix of one of the best tracks in the entire DKC series.

5-6 Up Shuttlethread Pass - Yoshi's Woolly World, mostly because of the peaceful and heart warming music. This level makes me want to sit next to a fireplace with a cup of steaming hot cocoa.

Snowpeak Ruins - Twilight Princess, one of the most bizarre yet creative dungeons in the entire series in my opinion.

Tundra Man stage - Mega Man 11, very cool stage.

Chill Penguin stage - Mega Man X, usually the first stage I play whenever I play this game because of the essential slide upgrade.

Ice Country - Secret of Mana, once again a wonderful music. This is the song that first comes to mind when I nostalgically think about this game.

The Mountain - Journey. This part of the game made me cry.

Whoever said Phendrana Drifts from Metroid Prime, I second that. Quite the contrast to exploring Magmoor Caverns as well. And I could be wrong, but one of the main memories I have of that game is going through the lab that gets all dark after you find the visor upgrade, and then you have to make your way out while getting attacked by space pirates. The part I could be wrong about is that I think it's accessed from within Phendrana. I picture it on a bridge way up high with rooms in all directions, one of them being the entrance to this lab.