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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best snow/ice/winter levels

As someone from a country where it basically never snows, ever, except on the tops of like 3 mountains for two months of year, snow's always been this exotic, magical thing to me. I didn't even see it in real life until I was 15. As such, I've always found snowy levels in games to have a certain fantastical charm.

What are your favourite examples of levels/worlds/stages/areas in games in the snow or ice template, and why?

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Sonic 3's Ice Cap Zone by far, the music being the biggest reason but also the level design was great as well.


Phendrana Drifts, Metroid Prime....probably mostly because of the amazing music.  But the environments were pretty cool looking, too.

New Super Mario Bros. U snow levels, with the starry backgrounds, are so beautiful!

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cliffside slide also my favorite song

Snowpoint City and the routes around it in Pokemon Platinum.

I just really liked that area, it looked awesome to walk around in and I just generally love snowy places in games too

Honestly I really loved the snow dungeon in Twilight Princess, Snow Peak I believe it was called; not only the dungeon itself but getting there was a nice experience as well.

And coming from a place where we're sick of having the thing a month after the first snow fall, I can tell you conditions in most games seem almost idelic *cries*

Anywoo, I really do like snow levels that come with a real banger track and good visual design, Xenoblade 1/2 have great ice caves with incredible themes to go along with. Kirby has interesting design and backgrounds (Star Allies really showed it's HD in all it's glory there). Mario is kind of the defacto representation of what you'd expect from a snow level in a platformer. In DK Tropical Freeze, the last world is comprised of the island from "Returns" but imprisoned in snow & ice which gives quite the view in some cases !

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God of War's crunchy snow is pretty damn satisfying to walk through and marvel at.

Horizon Zero Dawn's Frozen Wilds expansion is the best part of the game imo. It's got a similar level of detail to God of War's, although not quite as good. But the atmosphere as a whole is stronger and there's great use of colour.