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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I have been extremely reluctant to continue coming here...

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CrazyGamer2017 said:
So I'm thinking, if I PM Any of you with just the line "I play video games" Should that be construed as a threat and moderated?

We can certainly make that happen.

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Well i'm not a gamer anymore, i moved in a asia country, got married and have a baby, no time to play anymore haha. i played 1h, 2 month ago last time ^^

super_etecoon said:
Not to make this thread all serious or anything, but I am wondering if any of you have personally known someone (not a gamer) who you think had the potential to do something like this in them, whether they discussed it or you noticed something. I'd imagine that for all the numbers of individuals that actually follow through with this madness there are many, many others who have entertained the idea. I grew up in school pre-Columbine so it wasn't really something we ever discussed or concerned ourselves with. I don't think in my school years that anyone had considered it, but you never know the minds of people.

Not a mass shooter, but there was a kid in the year below me in school, years later he was involved with helping a man who shot 3 people. He got a 40 year sentence. At the age of 12 or so he spent his time attacking other kids, stealing, throwing bricks at busses and cars etc I didn't have much to do with him or his friends (for obvious reasons), I'd moved away and didn't know anything about him until the news named him an accomplice. Both me and my brother were more surprised he hadn't been involved in something like this earlier.

I have no idea if he played games, he probably did occasionally. I think he might've liked violent films. I know he was a body builder at the time of his arrest. I had a minor run in with him and his brother once where they threatened me and tried to start a fight for absolutely no reason.

He didn't carry out the shooting but he was involved with supplying the weapon, planning the attack, was present at the shooting and helped the shooter on the run for days afterwards.

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Landale_Star said:
For years, I've lived a double life. In the day, I do my job, I ride the bus, roll up my sleeves with the hoi polloi. But at night, I live a life of exhilaration, of missed heartbeats and adrenalin. And, if the truth be known, a life of dubious virtue.

I won't deny it, I've been engaged in violence, even indulged in it. I've maimed and killed adversaries and not merely in self-defence. I've exhibited disregard for life, limb and property, and savoured every moment.

You may not think it, to look at me, but I have commanded armies and conquered worlds. And though in achieving these things I've set morality aside, I have no regrets. For though I've led a double life, at least I can say: I've lived.

That's some fine poetry, man.

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Well, my favourite game is Resident Evil 4, so clearly it's just a matter of time before I go blow the heads off a bunch off a bunch of Spanish-speaking farmers in an unspecified lonely and rural part of Europe.

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flashfire926 said:

I mean.... to be fair to the guy.... have you played Mario Kart 8 online? Heyyyyy I've been first for 2 and a half laps? what's this..... 10 spiky blue shells.... OKAY THEN, I GUESS I'M LAST NOW, COOL YOU GUYS. GEEE GEEE! *clicks gun*

Just don't forget... you can tell who the shooter was in any of these mass spree's.... as you move into the area and are met with civilians and the possible shooter... just keep an eye out for the guy doing this

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