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Forums - Politics Discussion - House minority leader trying to blame video games for mass shootings. Update: Walmart pulls violent video game ads for 2 weeks

I wonder how many mass shootings there was back in the wild west before video games

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Because it's not like they have the same violent video games in Japan or Australia, where you can count the number of gun massacres in the last decade on one hand.

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gergroy said:
violent video games are certainly not the reason people go on shooting sprees. There obviously mental health issues as well as possible personal trauma that are the main reasons.

That being said, it isn’t like there isn’t a correlation. Most of these shooters are drawn to violent video games and they can help dehumanize and desensitize the idea of a real life massacre. However, these people have to already be ill or unhinged.

Honestly, if congress really wants to curb these mass shootings, the most effective thing they could probably do is outlaw news coverage of them. That would be far more effective than getting rid of violent media. If a shooter knew they wouldn’t get their 10 seconds of fame, these events would be much more rare.

Unless you want to close off mass shooting areas more tightly than Chelyabinsk in Russia, ain't gonna happen. Most of these shooters would just settle for terrorizing the local community, in any case, and that's something you really can't hide from the media. Keeping stuff like this off the media will not help. They'd get plenty of play on social media and message boards just from viral word of mouth, and the Streisand fact might very well amplify it beyond anything the media could do on its own.

It's probably safe to say that he's deep in the NRA's pockets.

konnichiwa said:
Michael Pachter
Video games are huge in almost every one of these countries

^ this is how you counter bullsh*t, with facts, clearly stated and keep repeating it, when people spout non-sense.

If you dont, they paint a picture, where there lies eventually become truth (in the public eye).

Anyways instead of talking about social equality (doing things for the poor) to combat crime, or strict gun laws (or removeing them all together)......
Lets blame video games am I right? cuz this is clearly the cause and effect of mass shootings.

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The only way to stop a bad videogame with a gun is a good videogame with a gun.

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I thought I filtered Political Threads!!!!

Yes video games, like literally everything in our environment, can have an affect on us as a person and our personality.

No video games are not remotely close to being a big reason for mass shootings and banning video games will have zero affect on stopping the mass shooting epidemic.

Ganoncrotch said:
VAMatt said:

This has to be one of the dumbest things ever said in this forum.  

1 in every 8333 people in the US will die to a gun, the country I live in 1 in every 114k people will die to a gun therefore if I was to move from here to the USA my chances of dying to a gun increase nearly 15x, sorry if that fact based on numbers upsets you living in the states, but you are 15 times more likely than me to die to a gun.

Unless your issue is with corn syrup or Thoughts and Prayers? I'm afraid your post doesn't really have any content/explanation for the dig.

Honestly, you don't know what you're talking about if you're trying to spread out statistics evenly over a country the size of the United States.  I literally live 1,000 miles away from Chicago.  

Well Rupert Murdoch's New York Post just came out with article calling for ban of assault weapons. Maybe something might eventually change?

I just wish the blame game would stop.  People have been false blaming society's problems for decades.  They used to say rock and roll would turn everyone into the devil.  Then I believe it was TV, movies, and now it has to be the new voodoo tech that is spreading like a disease into all households known as video games.  However, I still blame radio for Hitler.

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Nogamez said:
I wonder how many mass shootings there was back in the wild west before video games

if compaired to the populace (at the time), probably more than today :p
Something tells me they didnt exactly keep track of such things back then, so we ll probably never know.