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Forums - Movies Discussion - Worst director of all time?


Who's the worst director of all time?

Uwe Boll 31 47.69%
Aaron Seltzer/Jason Friedberg 2 3.08%
Michael Bay 8 12.31%
Roland Emmerich 1 1.54%
Eli Roth 0 0%
M. Night Shyamalan 5 7.69%
Tom Six 1 1.54%
Paul W.S. Anderson 0 0%
Zack Snyder 6 9.23%
Other 11 16.92%

Uwe Boll has never made an entertaining film. They don't even get into the "So Bad it's Good" territory.

Seltzer & Friedberg pretty much single-handedly destroyed the spoof film as a genre with their equally horrible attempts at parody. Mel Brooks or Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker, they ain't.

Tom Six... well, The Human Centipede... uh... yeah. It was a thing, I guess. Definite proof that just because a concept is novel, it doesn't mean it's something worth developing. Just total schlock designed purely for shock value.

The rest of the directors on the list have at least one or more genuinely entertaining films to their name, and even some of their other films, while not great, are better ways to spend two hours than a lot of other movies. Shyamalan had a rough patch, but The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable were great, and even Split and Glass were decent. Emmerich had Stargate and ID4, both of which were very fun films. Depending on your taste in horror films, some of Eli Roth's work is arguably passable. Michael Bay has made some fun movies, namely Bad Boys and The Rock, and even some his lesser films can be an enjoyable distraction if you shut off your brain and treat it for what it is. Paul Anderson directed Mortal Kombat, which was another fun film, and some of his other movies aren't awful. And Zack Snyder's filmography is pretty decent overall; he made a decent remake of Dawn of the Dead, as well as 300 and Watchmen, and I even found his contributions to the DCEU to be entertaining.


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The poll is terrible. Some of those directors shouldn't be on there. Terribly subjective.

Zack Snyder is a visionary director, very good when he is just directing.
Roland Emmerich has made my favourite movie of all time (The Patriot) so that rules him out right there.
M. Night has Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, the Village, and Split (all great movies).
Michael Bay has made some extremely entertaining movies. The Rock (Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris) is one of the best/most fun action movies ever made. The Island was a pretty decent sci-fi. I haven't seen it personally, but the Bad Boys movies have quite the following.

Rian Johnson should be on that list.

My vote is for Uwe Boll.


George Lucas, he used to be good, but he butchered Star Wars with that crappy trilogy of prequels, making also things even worse sneakily editing the original Trilogy to make it fit with the anally retentive, excessively and unnecessarily detailed prequels (specifying so many things, it was granted they wouldn't fit with previously made sequels), not to mention all the annoying things like Jar-Jar.

Emmerich is bad, but I liked a lot Stargate and I didn't dislike Godzilla. Independence Day though was really crappy, I wouldn't even say it aged badly, it just was born old and obsolete.

I wouldn't blame Bay for Transformers, maybe many of you don't know or don't remember it, but the original TV series was utter crap made just to sell toys, and it kept its extremely commercial nature also later.

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Some of these directors aren't worth discussing :P

- Micheal Bay can make good action stuff, but he needs a good writer/story. And Ehren Kruger isn't that.
-Same for Zack Snyder. If the story sucks, they won't make it look any better on camera. But they did make some really entertaining movies. Although I have to admit, I can feel really irritated watching some of the movies they made.

- Haven't seen anything of Tom Six, Eli Roth,
- Night Shyamalan did make some good movies. (the sixt sense, Unbreakable, The village, split and glass were all decent or better. He did make The last airbender and after earth, but still. Shouldn't be on this list.
- Roland Emerich made movies that were decent or better (and/or really entertaining, Stargate, Independance day (the perfect popcorn movie), the day after tomorrow , patriot, 2012 and White house down). Why is he on this list? Ok, he did make Independance day:Resurgence.

- Aaron Seltzer/Jason Friedberg. They only made awfull movies, but they never pretended something else.
- Haven't seen anything from Uwe Boll, but he has to be the worst. But like I said, Uwe Boll and Seltzer/Friedberg aren't worth discussing.

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Rian Johnson - for The Last Jedi - only he could turn Luke Skywalker into a pussy, afraid of a fight.

mZuzek said:
Gonna go with Roland Emmerich as I consider Godzilla 1998 to be probably the worst movie I've ever seen, and it's not exactly his only bad flick either.

I think that movie would not have gotten the bad rep it has if they had not mutated a salamander and then called it Godzilla.  It's definitely not Godzilla, but I wouldn't call it the worst movie I've ever seen by any stretch.

M. Night's movies are either a hit or miss. He can make movies that are so damn good, or so damn crap.
Zack Snyder's movies are pretty good.
Unsure about the rest.

But then we have Tom Six, director of the Human Centipede movies, I was highly let down by those movies, they got worse each time, therefore, my vote went to him. 

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To be honest, I don't even know. Out of all the ones you've listed, it probably has to be Uwe Boll. The only movie of his that i've seen is House of the Dead, and it sucked. Needless to say, I don't intend on watching his other movies. Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich rarely ever make objectively good movies, but even their worst ones are still fun to watch. Armageddon and 2012 are guilty pleasures for me.

On a side note, I feel M. Night shouldn't be on this list. He's made some really great movies, and even made a comeback recently with The Visit, Split, and Glass.


George Lucas

He didn't direct Empire and Jedi, and it shows.  I-III were just trash.  Last Jedi and Force were infinity better than I-III.  The only movie Lucas directed that was good was Hope.